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Friday, March 13, 2009

ABC and 123's Kick-Off Celebration

Welcome to ABC and 123?
Thanks for joining in our Kick-Off Celebration
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We are so excited to be starting this new collaborative project with you. It is our hope that ABC & 123 will become a valuable tool for sharing our learning successes and challenges. We hope to learn and grown together.

In honor of our blog's name, we've decided to fill our first post with activities surrounding two favorite early childhood books. Every early learner would benefit from having these two stories in their home library. If you've also done an activity incorporating this book please add a link to it in a comment. We'd love to add it to this collection of ideas!
and 123

SugarDoodle has laid out an entire unit theme including crafts, games, decorations, snacks, websites, and coloring pages.

No Time for Flashcards designed an adorable coconut tree.

Delightful Learning has created a whole unit using Chicka Chicka Boom Boom ABC & 123!

A Listmaker's Life explains a Chicka Chicka Boom Boom letter identification game.
Hubbards Cupboard explains several extension activities to celebrate the academic concepts in the Chicka, Chicka books.

The Virtual Vine has a fantastic unit plan to enhance your reading of Chicka Chicka Boom Boom. The coconut bowling sounds especially exciting!

Mrs. Nelson's Class explains how to do a shared reading with this book. The site also has many extension activities.

The Peterson Party took part in a reading challenge using the book Chicka Chicka Boom Boom. Her post shows math and language arts extensions that are appropriate for preschool age children.

Work with your little ones to make this delicious, nutritious & thematic snack.

~alphabet cereal or cookies (we used Sesame Street Earth's Best Organics cookies)
~peanut butter
~orange or apple slices

1. Choose a celery stick for a trunk
2. Spread peanut butter all over the "tree trunk"
3. Arrange fruit slices as tree branches
4. Add ABCs all over the tree
5. Eat & Enjoy!

Today's Giveaway
Remember when we mentioned a giveaway every day during our two week kick off celebration? True to our word, we will be announcing the winner of our first giveaway in just a few hours. Since today is our lucky Friday the 13th, we will post our winner in the 13th hour! Wondering if you entered? If you became a follower of this blog before midnight EST on March 12th you've been included in the drawing. This was an early bird special!

Beginning tomorrow we will announce a new time saving teaching giveaway, with entry requirements. A winner will be announced each day for the next 2 weeks! Good luck!


  1. Love it girls! The site looks great:) Wonderful ideas for that story! I love to read books to the kids and use crafts and activities as story extenders too!

    Noelle ♥

  2. My girls love Chicka Chicka Boom Boom-these activities are great! So creative and fun. Thank you eveyrone!

  3. My 4 year old just exclaimed, "Mama, we read that book!" and can't wait to try the activities! Thanks.

  4. The letter recognition game looks like fun and the snack looks yummy!

  5. These activities are wonderful! I can't wait to see future additions. Thanks for linking up to Kid Friendly Friday! It's perfect. I'm sending your site to all my preschool teacher friends!

  6. Great ideas! I had never seen the 123 book.

  7. Congratulations you two on this amazing new site! I wish you much success! I LOVE that chicka chicka tree made out of the cookies and oranges! How clever!

  8. What great ideas! This blog is amazing, and I am so excited to read it all the time!

  9. I LOVE this! I will have to do some of this with my kiddos when we get home!

    Thank you!

    I am/have been SO excited about the launch today!

    I am really looking forward to this site and how much it will help us!

  10. My 2 yo loves this book. I look forward to trying some of the activities~!

  11. I would ove if you would link this to my We Made It, Saturday Showcase.

    There sre so many fun ideas.

  12. Great site; I just subscribed and look forward to reading more. Tip: if you enforce a no tv policy in your house, do not show your 15 month old toddler the Chicka Chicka Boom Boom video on youtube...he will follow you around the house saying "boom boom!" every time he sees 1) your laptop or 2) the book for the rest of your waking days. :)

  13. Love it! We're planning a Chicka Chicka themed week and I'm glad I stumbled upon your blog! I'll be using your ideas for sure! Thanks. :)

  14. I love this Boom Chicka idea list. If you don't mind, I'll feature it at in our DIY Literacy Projects. Drop by and snag our "featured" button and help spread the word. Thank you.