ABC and 123: A Learning Collaborative: June 2013

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Summer Fun: Playing with Water

There is still one more week of school for the kids in our house, but we have heard of many friends who are already enjoying summer vacation.  Hot days and water play are on their way!  Here are some fun water themed activities and games to try this summer!

Create a water wall, similar to an outside marble run.  There is a nice example to get you started at Playing By the Book.

UCreate put together a DIY backyard Water Blob.  This idea was all over Pinterest last year and we are looking forward to finally giving it a try this summer.

Roll 6 and Splash from Toddler Approved is on our summer fun list.  Simple, yet silly enough to be cool! (There are other water themed games included in this link)

Mamas Like Me posted several water games.  We are especially excited about trying the sponge bulls eye.

A favorite summer camp standby with our kids is "Drip, Drip, Splash" played like duck, duck, goose but the duck-er gets to carry around a small bowl of water to drip and splash on the unsuspecting gooses.

There are also many great examples of  Kid Washes around the web.  Here is the one we made last summer.  The kids are ready to get it out again soon!

B.Toys makes a wonderful water toy called H2-Whoa. It comes with 4 water pens that draw on 2 different colored board surfaces.  The picture slowly fades as it dries. Perfect for indoor or outdoor water drawings.

A very simple idea for young children is to fill a paint can with water, provide them with large paint brushes and a stretch of backyard fence to "paint."  This activity kept my 1 and 3 year old entertained for hours last summer.

Ready?  Get set.  Get WET!