ABC and 123: A Learning Collaborative: June 2009

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

See Kai Run Review and Giveaway

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Please check out our FAQ in the left sidebar. We know you're all going to be excited about this week's sponsor! Because what parent isn't interested in putting their child in quality shoes that will stand up to heavy play and still look great. We're all concerned about putting the right shoes on our kid's feet so that they are protected but can still develope and grow as they should.

So Why Wear See Kai Run?

According to their website, See Kai Run is the right choice for you because:
See Kai Run and Smaller promote healthy development of babies' and children's feet with their ultra-flexible soles, soft leather and wide toe box. Our footwear meets the American Podiatric Medical Association's rigorous standards for foot health and functionality and has been awarded the APMA's prestigious Seal of Acceptance.

Healthy Fit
  • Very flexible soles are healthy for developing feet.
  • Wide opening and toe box accommodate even the chubbiest little feet.
  • Velcro closure allows for adjustable fit and easy on and off.
  • Leather lining is breathable and durable.
  • Padded collar adds comfort and helps our shoes stay on little feet.
  • Quality Construction

    • Leather used for our footwear meets the most stringent available U.S. and international guidelines.
    • Sheepskin leather uppers are butter-soft and more durable by weight than cow leather used by many other brands.
    • Durable construction and rubber sole stand up to heavy play indoors and out.

    Urban Style

    • Hip, urban styles in modern color palettes.
    • Bold designs and detailing.
    • Modern takes on classic styles.

    When I first learned about See Kai Run, I thought wow all those features sound great, but buying kid's shoes online? Do I really want to make a purchase without my child trying them on? Trying on See Kai Run shoes is as simple print out their sizing chart and lining up your child's foot on it. We got a great fit that way and the right sized shoe. It was all so quick and easy. Plus, I found out that even if I was still nervous about the fit, there are several stores in my area that carry See Kai Run.

    We received this beautiful pair of Celeste shoes to review. I loved the combination of leaf green, sunshine yellow, and rose pink the moment I saw them on See Kai Run's site. The Mary Jane design is sturdy but still feminine. They keep little toes covered up so they don't get scraped up during active play, and still keep out yucky things like rocks and wood chips from the playground. Those are the bane of my toddler's existance. There is nothing worse than to have to stop playing to dig out uncomfortable things from one's shoes!

    The colors are very pretty and soft. They match practically everything in my daughter's spring and summer wardrobe and the leather is so soft. I think they might be the nicest shoes in the entire house, including all of mine and my husbands! She wears a lot of dresses and skirts and they look so pretty with them. I like knowing that while she looks, in her words, "All fancy," she's also in comfortable shoes and her little toes don't have to suffer to look good. There's time enough for that once she starts wearing heels, right ladies?
    This pair has the following features:

    • Handcrafted from butter-soft sheepskin leather
    • Flexible rubber sole – healthy for developing feet but sturdy enough for outdoor play!
    • Generous width and wide toe box for plenty of wiggle room!
    • Adjustable Velcro closures make shoes easy to get on and ensure a great fit
    • Breathable leather insole and lining
    Win It!
    One lucky ABC & 123 reader will win a pair of shoes from either the See Kai Run or Smaller line of shoes! Giveaway open to US and Canadian residents only.

    To Enter:
    Go over to See Kai Run for your first and mandatory entry. Browse their selection of shoes and then leave us a comment telling us which shoe style and size you'd pick if you won. Pick carefully, as that's the pair of shoe's you'll win if chosen!

    For Additional Entries: Leave us an additional comment for EACH extra entry.
    • Sign Up for See Kai Run's email list, find it at the bottom of their home page
    • Tell us which two shoe features you consider the most important when choosing shoes for your child.
    • Tell us the name of one of the charities See Kai Run supports.
    • Leave us the name of a local See Kai Run retailer that you could visit to check out See Kai Run shoes in person.
    • Follow ABC & 123
    • Follow us on Twitter and tweet about the giveaway, leave a link to tweet in your comment.
    • Add us to your blogroll.
    Good luck! Giveaway open until next Monday, July 6th at 12 midnight EST. Winner will be announced next Tuesday.

    Disclaimer: We received our review product from
    See Kai Run, free of charge in return for writing a review of their products and hosting a giveaway on our blog. We want to stress that our opinions are genuine and no effort was made to influence them by the company.

    Mahalo Giveaway Winner

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    Thank you to everyone who entered last week's giveaway from Mahalo! The winner of the Circus Friends puppet set is....

    Branflakes at Adventures of a Flake! Congratulations! We know your kids will get hours of playtime fun with this fun set.

    Monday, June 29, 2009

    Tiny Toes: Activities for Babies 0-24 months

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    Objective: Categorizing and Classifying

    Stimulate your child by grouping animals or objects that are similar. For instance, your child's toys or clothes could be grouped by color, size, shape, material, or function. Simply show them and say, "This is a sock and this is a sock. This is not a sock." Your baby should enjoy the activity because they will be able to see you sort the clothing, hear your voice, touch the soft clothing, and smell the clean clothes.

    Objective: Recognize Object Permanence

    Show your child a small toy. Hide it under a cup. Have your young child look under the cup to find the hidden object.

    Objective: Matching
    Practice matching colors, like on Mama Jenn, with a pile of your child's socks.

    Show your infant one item, for example a tennis ball. Next, show your baby several other objects and ask him/her to find the one that matches the first object. Talk with your child throughout the game and describe how the objects are the same or different. These fun games help the child learn more about object properties such as color, material, function, shape, etc.

    Objective: Exploration & Discovery

    Take a nature walk with a "sticky bracelet." Wrap a length of masking tape, sticky-side out, to your child's wrist like a bracelet. As you walk and collect earthy treasures, stick them to the bracelet to keep and display.

    Objective: Fine Motor Skills
    Help your young child to string Fruit Loops or Cherrios on to a piece of yarn.

    Objective: Language Development
    ~Talk, Sing, Read, Tell Jokes, Rhyme, and more!

    Objective: Explore the Sense of Touch
    ~Rice, Water, Sand, Whip Cream, and more!

    Objective: Build Imagination
    ~Dress Up Clothes, Play Food, Puppets, a Stage, a Card Board Box, Play House, and more!

    Sixty Second Parent has specific learning activities categorized by age for children from 3-12 months old.

    Little ones love playdough. Miller Moments submitted a fresh recipe for Lemonade Playdough.

    If you're up for a mess, they also have a fun idea for whipped cream finger paint.
    Read: "What You Teach Me" a handout by Pam Schiller, highlighting the brain development opportunities for children ages 0-5.

    Looking ahead...
    In honor of July 4th, this week's Picnic Table Talk (on Thursday) will be about Freedom & Independence! Link to a new or archived post that relates.
    Some ideas to get you thinking:
    ~A 4th of July craft project
    ~A schedule of events for your holiday weekend
    ~Patriotic pictures
    ~Ideas for great ways to teach your children about freedom or independence
    ~A tribute to the USA, our service people, government officials, etc.

    Friday, June 26, 2009

    Letter F Activities

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    F is for Fan

    The Crafty Classroom has step by step directions for putting together a Japanese fan.
    There is also a free printable fan pattern on her site.

    F is for Fractions

    Valerie submitted a 1st Grade Math file folder on Fraction Fish. The printables are available for you to print and use!

    Here is a tasty looking resource, shared by Our Nifty Notebook, for getting a feel for fractions.

    F is for Faces & Feelings

    Thanks to Celebrate Everyday for this feeling faces book idea.

    F is for Food & Fruit

    Storytime and More collaged a page full of fruits and foods. She also has a yummy list of fruits to add to kabobs.

    F is for Fingerprints

    Create a fingerprint F and check out some printable page ideas.

    F is for Fish
    Our Homeschool Adventures shares reading, math, craft, and science activites for a week full of fish fun.

    The kids at Arts and Crofts had oceans of fun with fishy numbers!

    Michelle and her kids enjoyed many F books and activities, as listed in her post. Here is the final product of their fish project.

    F is for Footprint
    Thanks again to Delightful Learning for this F inspiration.

    F is for Fire, Foil, Fish, Feathers, Fancy Nancy, and more. This post, from the Casa Camacho, has a whole week's worth of F fun!

    F is for Farm

    Thanks to Kristiana for sharing this great line up of farm activities.

    Printout or Die Cut of of Sheep/Lamb, cotton balls, glue, paint brush, cardboard (to glue it onto for sturdiness) and scissors for shearing.

    STEPS:unroll or stretch the cotton balls outcover sheep in gluestick on cotton pieces one at a time till sheep is coveredGlue onto cardboard (before or after) to make sheering easier
    Sheer the sheep with scissors or pull off with fingers


    TOOLS: Shoe box or other small box, clip art of farm animals (lamintaed and cut out), lg popcical sticks. glue, foam blocks, paint, paint brush, container for paint, grass or straw.STEPS:Begin by painting the box, set aside to let dry (tempura paints dry pretty quickly)Glue the farm animals to the sticksOnce the box dries insert the foam blocks. Cut to fit if a small amount of glue on tip of blocks and glue on straw or grass. (Too much glue will make the the foam hard when dried, be careful!) - set aside to dryOnce all dried insert the sticks into the foam and you have your farm!When you are done, take the sicks down, and lay them in the box and close the lid.

    TOOLS:Cardboard or heavy paper, straw or brown paper bag/yellow paper (cut into tiny strips), construction paper, fabric square2 Popsicle sticks, glue, scissors, mini pom pom, yarn for mouth, 2 small or mini googly eyes, stapler, 1-3 buttons (if you want)
    MAKE A KIT PREP!cut a circle for the head out of cardboard or heavy papercut small piece of yarn for mouthcut s square out of fabric about 5"x5"gather straw or shredded paper (cut in small strips to shred yourself)- to look like straw use yellow or brown. Enough to glue on sticks and "stuff"Cut out a hat (to look like straw hat?)

    Glue the sticks together and set aside to dry (or hot glue ahead of time)
    Take out or cut cardboard circle (for head)
    Glue straw on head
    Glue googly eyes
    Glue mouth
    Glue hat on head over the straw - set aside to dry
    Fold fabric into a triangle snip it with scissors in center to make opening large enough to slip pver the stick
    Stuff with a little straw or paper strips then staple shut on sides
    Glue buttons on front of fabric
    Glue head on sticks
    Set aside to dry


    TOOLS:Tub, plastic farm animals, straw or paper cut into strips

    Thursday, June 25, 2009

    Picnic Table Talk: Dads

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    This week's Picnic Table Talk topic will be Father's Day.

    Link up with a post that shares:
    ~A tribute to a Dad in your life
    ~A recap of your Father's Day celebration
    ~How do you/did you honor the dads in your life
    ~Something your dad taught you or your children's dad is teaching them
    ~Your child's favorite activity to do with Dad

    We look forward to reading all about how you spent Father's Day celebrating the special men in your life. Enter your link here!

    Wednesday, June 24, 2009

    Jumpstart 3D Virtual World Reviews and Giveaways!

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    Both Katies from ABC & 123 would like to introduce you to Jumpstart's new online venture! Known for a long time as developers of award winning quality educational software Jumpstart recently launched a new delivery model.

    Check out JumpStart's new online educational product for kids ages 3-10. It delivers high interest 3D virtual world gaming that is exciting to children. Within the JumpStart world they can engage in adventure based learning as their very own customized avatar, called Jumpeez. Through the exciting exploration of magical worlds they discover and unlock games, videos, and storybooks as they practice essential math and reading skills. Your child can interact, explore, and learn in a safe and secure online gaming environment. Plus with a membership, and unlike games you purchase at the store, they'll never run out of game to play, as over the next year will expand to add more features, portals, and learning games.

    This is a great resource for parents! Children are inevitably attracted to and want to play video games. Why not make it fun and educational! Many great key concepts are taught through the guise of online adventures. They won't even notice they are learning. Even the most reluctant learner will find practicing skills fun when delivered through Jumpstart!

    You have two chances to win a free 3 month membership to Jumpstart! Enter the giveaway at A List Maker's Life and at Katie's Nesting Spot, but hurry up both giveaways end June 29.

    Tuesday, June 23, 2009

    Mahalo Review and Giveaway

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    Please check out our FAQ in the left sidebar. This week we're excited to introduce you to Mahalo and feature their wonderful handmade felt puppets!

    Puppets are fun to play with. Kids are quickly engaged by their colors, textures, and movement. This can lead to greater involvement in a lesson and more comprehensive learning. They facilitate conversation and can be used to elicit interaction from a child who might otherwise have a hard time talking with an adult. They are often helpful in therapeutic situations. Kinesthetic, auditory, and visual learners respond especially well to lessons incorporating puppetry and all students will gain from increased emotional, spatial, interpersonal, and intrapersonal development.

    One of the most common methods of using puppets for education is as visual aides for storytelling and retelling by students. They are also helpful for the first step toward creative writing, making up imaginative and inventive oral stories. All of these practices will enhance a language program and development.
    We received a Mermaid Hand Puppet and Sea Horse Friends Set from Alisha to review, only ours only ours was personalized with ER’s hair and eye color. Skin color can also be chosen for the people puppets; I think that’s a nice touch. It’s one of the many benefits of supporting small businesses like Mahalo that I like.

    Our daughter’s enjoyment of her mermaid puppet and the accompanying orange fish and blue sea horse finger puppets began the second we opened the package. She immediately put the mermaid on her hand and started making her swim around the office.
    I really liked the details added with fabric paint, which give the puppets an additional layer of texture. The mermaid’s fin is outlined with scales and she is modestly dressed in a sea shell bathing suit top. The little tropical flower in her hair is the perfect finish to her look. Overall it’s a very attractive puppet.

    She is approximately 15 inches from the top of her hair to the longest point on her tail and is about 8.5 inches at her widest part. Her little friends are equally detailed with paint and I have to say that the tiny blue seahorse is utterly adorable. You can request specific colors for the seahorses.
    That set along with Mahalo’s Neptune Hand Puppets would a great addition to an Ocean thematic unit. While mermaids are imaginary they are a fun concept for children to think about. My daughter and I had a lengthy conversation about what we would do if we lived underwater. It was a concept that was confusing for her at first; one that prior to getting the set I didn’t know she did not understand. We liked our review set so much that we ordered a customized Polar Bear Hand Puppet set for Grandma Norma to give ER for her third birthday next month. With the new addition to her very limited puppet collection, she wants to play with Brad a lot more. He soon realized he needed more to work with or his stories were going to get limited very quickly.

    We already have a lion puppet from a previous trip to the zoo and a kitty puppet my mom knitted for her. We didn’t really need the lion and leopard puppets in the set. What we did need was a little girl puppet, made to look like our ER of course, and puppy one because her fascination with dogs continues to be unending. Alisha was responded promptly to my inquiry and we were able to make the substitutions. I was very happy with Mahalo's level of customer service! Alisha truly enjoys the challenge of making new designs for puppets. One of her latest creations was inspired by the classic tale, Three Billy Goats Gruff at the request from a Mahalo customer whose children really like that story. She’s especially proud of the troll design. If you have a special request she is happy to work with you make the perfect set for you!

    When you browse through Mahalo's puppets, you will notice many sets that are perfect for the classroom or for using with small groups. Teacher customer favorites include the various bear series, such as the Brown Bear Set and Panda Bear Hand Puppet Set. Smaller finger puppet versions of of both are also available.
    There are also numerous other sets perfect for storytelling and that coordinate with popluar children's books. There are also multiple sets that would enhance thematic teaching including the People in Your Neighborhood that would go great with a community unit. The Dragon, Knight, Princess Puppets would fit in with fairytales and the Circus Friends Puppet Set is perfect for lessons about under the big top. The Reciprocal Teaching Set is another teacher favorite. Sunday school teachers and religious educators will find the Armor of God Puppet and the Noah's Ark Set of particular interest.

    As you can see Mahalo has many wonder puppets to offer for home or school based learning and play! However, Alisha is only half of the team of talented sisters who own Mahalo. They have a lot more than puppets to offer! Her sister Beth makes delightful tutus, my daughter is in awe of the prima ballerina one. Tutus are also available in sets with a customized initial cape that look just darling. By far though, my favorite item by Beth is her fun complete super hero set that comes with an initial cape, mask, and wristlets. What a great dress up kit that’s suitable for boys and girls that can also double as a personalized Halloween costume! Most of the components of the sets can also be purchased separately and have customizable choices. Interested in Mahalo? Purchase a puppet or another of their fun creations that enhance imaginative play at their Etsy shop! When you purchase from Mahalo, you are also supporting an organization that is near and dear to the sisters, Wing Haven. This non-profit organization assists women and children who are trying to escape from a life of domestic abuse, and a percentage of their profits go to benefit this organization. Learn more at .
    Win it!
    Mahalo has generously donated a Circus Friends Puppet Set to giveaway to one of ABC & 123’s readers!

    To Enter: You MUST go over to Mahalo, browse their fabulous selection of products, and then come back and leave us a comment as to which one is your favorite.

    To Earn Extra Entries: You MUST do the first option, described above FIRST and then you can choose additional methods from the choices below. A separate comment MUST be left for each additional entry.
    ~Follow our blog, remind us if you already do!
    ~Post our Summer Prize Picnic Button, let us know so we can come check it out~Post about the Mahalo giveaway and leave us a link to it
    ~Add us to your blogroll, leave us your URL so we can see it!
    ~Follow us on Twitter AND Tweet about the Mahalo giveaway. Then leave us a link to your tweet.
    ~Make a purchase from Mahalo during the time the giveaway is open!

    This giveaway will be open now until Monday June 29 midnight, EST. We'll choose a winner using and announce who it is next Tuesday! Good Luck!

    Disclaimer: We received our review product from Mahalo, free of charge in return for writing a review of their products and hosting a giveaway on our blog. We want to stress that our opinions are genuine and no effort was made to influence them by the company.

    Baby Love Blankies Winner!

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    Please check out our FAQ in the left sidebar.

    Thank you to everyone who entered!'s True Random Number Generator picked number 64, congratulations to Annie of The Santiago Twin Girls! Jaime of Baby Love Blankies will be contacting you soon!

    Monday, June 22, 2009


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    K is for Kite

    The Crafty Classroom made colorful Carp Kites as part of their study of Japan.

    Michelle at A Mommy's Adventures made this cute triangle collaged kite with her daughter.

    Bobbi at Casa Camacho shared these kites with the help of old crayon shaving and waxed paper.

    Meninheira had a post on her blog about this fun looking kite project but can't find it anymore. She sent along the pictures and you can get an idea of how to make the kites from them.

    Check out these Krazy Kites from Adventures of a Flake.

    Carp Kite Pattern
    Kite Coloring Page
    DLTK's Kite Craft Coloring Book Page: Kite
    Story Spot's Windy Day
    Let's Go Fly a Kite
    Alphabet Coloring Page Letter K with a Kite

    Kite Links
    20 Kids * 20 Kites *20 MinutesAnthony's Kite Workshop
    Blue Fish Kites
    Clems Homemade Newspaper Kites
    Go Fly a Kite
    Gomberg Kite Productions
    Kites as an Educational Tool
    Kite Flight, Safety First!!!!!!!!!!
    Kite Flying Lesson
    Kite Making
    Kite Plans In The Web
    Perpetual Preschool's Kite Songs, Snacks, Art, Science, Games, and Misc
    Make a Kite
    Preschool Education Arts & Crafts: Kites
    Soar Into Spring With Kites!
    Kite Songs & Fingerplays
    These were found on Preschool Express
    I’M A LITTLE KITE - “I’m a Little Teapot”
    I’m a little kite up in the sky.
    See me flying, oh, so high.
    When the wind begins to blow and blow,
    I twirl and swirl, just watch me go.
    by Heather McPhail

    Five little kites just beginning to soar,
    (Hold up five fingers)
    The wind blew one away and that left four.
    (Bend down first finger)
    Four little kites so colorful to see,
    The wind blew one away and that left three.
    (Bend down second finger)
    Three little kites waving high for you,
    The wind blew one away and that left two.
    (Bend down third finger.)
    Two little kites flying in the sun,
    The wind blew one away and that left one.
    (Bend down fourth finger)
    One little kite having lots of fun,
    The wind blew it away and that left none.
    (Bend down fifth finger)

    by Liz Ryerson

    Kite Themed Picnic Food:
    Toasted Kites
    Slice pieces of bread to resemble kites. Have the children paint the bread with food coloring and water. Toast the bread and assemble into any type of sandwiches you desire.

    Graham Cracker Kites
    Frost half of a graham cracker. Rotate your graham cracker to look like a diamond. Place some red string licorice at the tip of diamond. Decorate your kite using sprinkles, raisins, chocolate chips, etc.

    Cream Cheese Kites
    Have each of your children spread softened cream cheese on two bread triangles and top them with decorations such as raisins and flaked coconut. Then demonstrate how to arrange the two triangles together on a plate to form a diamond-shaped “kite.” Add thin strips cut from fruit leather for kite strings, if you wish.

    This week's Picnic Table Talk topic will be Father's Day.

    Link up with a post that shares:
    ~A tribute to a Dad in your life
    ~A recap of your Father's Day celebration
    ~How do you/did you honor the dads in your life

    We look forward to reading all about how you spent Father's Day celebrating the special men in your life.

    Friday, June 19, 2009

    Summer Field Trips

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    It's Fun Friday, Field Trip style!

    Taking the classroom out and on the road is always fun and can be very educational. We think they are a very handy teaching tool indeed! Since this is also our first field trip post we thought we'd also share some of our reader's pointers on how to have a smooth field trip.

    Getting Ready!

    Heather at Eager Little Mind made this Disney Countdown Craft to help countdown the days to a family trip to the Magic Kingdom but the theme could easily be changed to match an upcoming field trip. Each day as you remove a stick you could practice backwards counting.

    Keeping the Busy on the Way:
    Amy at Teach Mama shares with us how she keeps her kids occupied during the car ride to the field trip.

    Another one of her activities for the kids is this great Road ABC Hunt.

    Mariel at Or So She Said has submitted a fun post listing 20 Travel Game Activities for Kids. Some classic ideas & some very creative new ideas as well.

    Jen and Curious and Creative Kids shares some ways her kids are kept occupied on long car rides and describes two different license plate games, three versions of an alphabet car game, and reminds us of the classic Mad Libs!

    Keeping Track of Everyone:

    If you're taking a whole group with you and not just your kids, Michaele from Kindergarten's 3 R's shares her name tag bages, they are a must for field trips, and aren't you jealous of her laminator!

    Another great way to keep track of all the kids in the same group on a field trip is make matching shirts beforehand. Often print shops will work with children's groups for a lower price. When Katie from Katie's Nesting Spot taught kindergarten a local store made shirts for her entire grade level and the shirts were only five dollars a piece. Students wore them on every field trip and on school spirit day on Fridays.

    We're Here, Now What?
    If you live in Florida, Karin at Passport Academy Homeschool has many good ideas and has even more ideas, projects, and field trip ideas on her Young Florida Naturalists Blog. Her ideas make Katie from Katie's Nesting Spot want to move to FL immediately!

    This is a great time to get out and see the animals at the zoo after being stuck inside all winter. The weather has warmed up, but it's not too hot so many of the animals are moving around a lot. Here are some tips for making the most of your zoo field trip.

    Leader Lobby provides an extenive list of field trip destination suggestions and also some nice links to help find field trips in your area.

    Scholastic shares it Early Childhood Top Five Fabulous Field Trip Winners. shares ways to plan a fun field trip online and provides many useful links.

    Thursday, June 18, 2009

    Picnic Table Talk: On The Go

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    Please check out our FAQ in the left sidebar.

    This week's Picnic Table Talk hits the road! We are looking forward to heading out to your spot in the world wide web to learn more about how you keep your kids entertained when you're on the go.

    To get the party started we wanted to point your attention to a fun site for finding all sorts of on the go entertainment. The site,, has 101 Car Travel Games and Road Trip Suggestions for Children. There are ideas for children of all ages. You will find several free printable resources as well as other travel freebies. You'll want to check it out before your next highway adventure!

    We'd love for you to link to a post on your blog that addresses one of the following suggested ideas:
    ~car games and activities that keep your child busy while traveling or running errands
    ~ways you pass the time when your waiting, like at the doctors or in line
    ~quiet games that travel well
    ~any ideas for keeping little ones quiet at worship services?
    ~travel tips for families
    ~any other idea you can think of that help you get from point A to point B

    Click here for Mister Linky!

    Congratulations! Hot Wyre Winner!

    The winner of the Hot Wyre Jewelry giveaway!

    ONe PiNK FiSH said...
    I now follow hoy wyre on twitter
    June 12, 2009 10:48 PM

    For the rest of you, don't forget the adorable Summer Prize Picnic exclusive "Katie's Button Flower" pendant is available to all of you at an incredibly affordable price!!

    Enter the code ABC123 at check out for a discount (and free chain) on ANY of the HotWyre pendants!

    Wednesday, June 17, 2009

    Father's Day Gift Ideas

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    Card and Gift Wrap Ideas

    Kim at Four Crazy Kings used images from old magazines to make this car perfect for the car enthusiast Dad!

    Anne at Teaching Two shared the cute card her daughter made at school, we like Best Dad award on the inside.

    Katherine Marie Photography has come up with some clever uses for chocolate on Dad's card.

    Send your father's day wishes with a sweet treat in the form of Father's Day Candy Bars, Melissa from Max and Ellie has even made up a PDF for you to download filled with all the candy related messages and ready to print out on standard sized labels. Doesn't get much quicker or easier!

    Kaboose has a cute I Love You Daddy poem and card idea.

    Sarah at the Fifth Street Palace and her son made this fun fish gift bag, perfect for her fishing guru dad!

    Ramblings of a Crazy Women shares the step by steps for putting together a Father's Day acronym card.

    Gift Ideas
    Clemencia at Storytime and More shares how they turned this painting activity into a lesson on mixing colors while making a Father's Day gift. She also shares links to poems and printables to make a Father's Day card in the same post.

    Mama Jenn made this decorative saying hanging with her daughter for her husband.
    Sarah at I Blame My Mother shared this cute frame her daughter made at preschool for her Daddy.

    Adventures in Life used little hand prints to make a special frame for dad.

    Alpha Mom has repurposed Altoid tins to be mini toolboxes.

    Dollar Store Crafts suggests an idea for framing a personalized word collage.

    Running short of time? Try this Father's Day Coupon book from Balancing Beauty and Bedlam.