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Monday, June 29, 2009

Tiny Toes: Activities for Babies 0-24 months

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Objective: Categorizing and Classifying

Stimulate your child by grouping animals or objects that are similar. For instance, your child's toys or clothes could be grouped by color, size, shape, material, or function. Simply show them and say, "This is a sock and this is a sock. This is not a sock." Your baby should enjoy the activity because they will be able to see you sort the clothing, hear your voice, touch the soft clothing, and smell the clean clothes.

Objective: Recognize Object Permanence

Show your child a small toy. Hide it under a cup. Have your young child look under the cup to find the hidden object.

Objective: Matching
Practice matching colors, like on Mama Jenn, with a pile of your child's socks.

Show your infant one item, for example a tennis ball. Next, show your baby several other objects and ask him/her to find the one that matches the first object. Talk with your child throughout the game and describe how the objects are the same or different. These fun games help the child learn more about object properties such as color, material, function, shape, etc.

Objective: Exploration & Discovery

Take a nature walk with a "sticky bracelet." Wrap a length of masking tape, sticky-side out, to your child's wrist like a bracelet. As you walk and collect earthy treasures, stick them to the bracelet to keep and display.

Objective: Fine Motor Skills
Help your young child to string Fruit Loops or Cherrios on to a piece of yarn.

Objective: Language Development
~Talk, Sing, Read, Tell Jokes, Rhyme, and more!

Objective: Explore the Sense of Touch
~Rice, Water, Sand, Whip Cream, and more!

Objective: Build Imagination
~Dress Up Clothes, Play Food, Puppets, a Stage, a Card Board Box, Play House, and more!

Sixty Second Parent has specific learning activities categorized by age for children from 3-12 months old.

Little ones love playdough. Miller Moments submitted a fresh recipe for Lemonade Playdough.

If you're up for a mess, they also have a fun idea for whipped cream finger paint.
Read: "What You Teach Me" a handout by Pam Schiller, highlighting the brain development opportunities for children ages 0-5.

Looking ahead...
In honor of July 4th, this week's Picnic Table Talk (on Thursday) will be about Freedom & Independence! Link to a new or archived post that relates.
Some ideas to get you thinking:
~A 4th of July craft project
~A schedule of events for your holiday weekend
~Patriotic pictures
~Ideas for great ways to teach your children about freedom or independence
~A tribute to the USA, our service people, government officials, etc.


  1. The handout by Pam Schiller is terrific! Thanks for sharing. I appreciate the link between research and practice.