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Sunday, June 14, 2009


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This month's life skill focus is Responsibility
Responsibility can and must be taught.
Being responsible is an attitude& a skill.

What is Responsibility?
~Having a duty or obligation

What does it mean to be Responsible?
~accountable ~having a capacity for moral decision
~capable of rational thoughts and action
~able to discharge obligations or pay debts

Individuals must learn to take responsibility for themselves, their role in the family, and their behavior & choices.

When teaching responsibilty it is important to praise your child's efforts, make sure your expectations are ade appropriate, and openly share your own experiences (good & bad) with being responsible.

Conversation Starters:
~What are you responsible for?
~How does it feel when someone gives you new responsibilities?
~What type of new responsiblities do you think you are ready for?
~What are the responsibilities of a good friend?
~What responsiblities do you look forward to as you get older?
~Would you rather live with rules or without them?
~If work (or school) were an option would you go?
~Who do you know that is a really responsible person or that has done something
especially responsible lately?
~Do you look within your own person before blaming others when something goes wrong?

Activities to Teach Responsibility

Celebrate Dad & teach responsibility with some of the activities on the Happy Home Club site. ~Make a "Papa Pizza"
~Help a dad out by taking on some of his responsibilities

Acknowledge acts of responsibility you see in your home during the month by recording them inyour booklet.

Write a note of appreciation to someone who has shown great responsiblity.

Have each member of your family create a "Help Wanted" sign displaying their job in the family. What types of things would each of you include?

Natural Family Online has a Top 10 list for Raising Responsible Children.

Good Character writes about How to Be Responsible and Feel Great About It!

Ask older children to complete a self evaluation to determine "Are You a Responsible Person?".

Scholastic has a great article on Teacher Made Activities for Teaching Interpersonal Responsiblity. The ideas are appopriate for early elementary students.
Activities include:
~How We're Doing Chart
~Clock Watch
~Money Matters
~Kindness Chain
~and MANY others

Character has a list of storybook helpful for starting conversations about responsibility.

Fun Child Learning Activities explains how she assigns chores to teach responsibility.

Living Values shares this language activity for bringing attention to responsible behavior.
Ask the children to think about a time when they were proud of helping, that is, proud of being responsible. Ask them to stand in a circle. Ask each child in the circle to take a turn saying the root sentence, "I feel proud when I __________."

PBS kids has an art activity for teaching responsibility called The Responsibility Caterpillar.

Resource Books:
Teaching Responsibility Through Physical Activity by Donald H Hellison
Teaching Your Children Values by Richard M Eyre
Amazon has a lengthy list of books that talk about responsibility.


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