ABC and 123: A Learning Collaborative: Geography

Monday, June 15, 2009


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Excellence of Wisdom shares a post full of great geography links

Jolanthe at Homeschool Creations shares a Children Just Like Me activity sheet.

KC @ The Wonder Years shares how she uses fabric maps to teach geography.

Carisa at 1+1+1=1 shares her Rwanda lapbook, created to help teach her son about the country where the child they help sponsor lives.

This week's tasty picnic treat come to us from: Annette at The Whipples, who shared this fun and edible geography lesson that she used when she was teaching in a classroom and feels it would be most appropriate for older students, grades 3-8th. She noted in her submission that it could be a mini lesson where students learn basic facts such as largest/smallest country, population, longest river, tallest mountain and so forth. It might be fun tied into the Olympics, too.

Eat the World
~Prepare Rice Krispy treats. (The microwave version is best for doing it with children.)
~Form the RKT into continents. Do this using a laminated world map. You may want to butter the continents first.
~Have the students make country flags using toothpicks and small pieces of paper. (Either ahead of time or simply using markers)
~As a wrap up to a unit study or independent study, students can place their flags dramatically into the proper place on the country’s continent and share several facts about the country they studied.
~Then of course, you get to Eat the World!
~This could easily be adapted for a study of the US states too.

Since today's post is all about geography, you may be wondering what this week will be about. Come back tomorrow to learn about a great way to keep your child occupied while on the go!

This Thursday's Picnic Table Talk topic will be to share ideas on how to keep your child occupied and happy while out and about. You could let us know:

~car games and activities that keep your child busy while traveling or running errands
~ways you pass the time when your waiting, like at the doctors or in line
~quiet games that travel well
~any ideas for keeping little ones quiet at worship services?
~travel tips for families
~any other idea you can think of that help you get from point A to point B!


  1. Love the Rice Krispy idea. Although does it count if I eat the world straight from the mixing bowl! Heehee.

  2. Thanks for including our Eat the World idea!

    A combination of all these ideas would be a great unit study.

    The picnic talk this week will be tough for me. I have had lots of ideas, but none really entertain Meghan!

  3. Great activities and links.


  4. I love this site! It is so resourceful :) I gave your blog an award over at my blog: