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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Flower Activities

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We first put out a call for flower activities way back at the beginning of spring but for one reason or another it never fit into our schedule. We've gotten great submissions filled with fun and creative ways to incorporate flowers into art projects and lessons. We knew some how, some way we wanted to make sure these got featured. Since several are artistic projects we knew that this week when we're featuring great kits to help make crafting and art time easier, was the perfect time to showcase them. Plus there is still plenty of time and many more summer blooms left in the year, to make these lessons great ones to incorporate into your plans soon!

Flower Art

Sara at One Mom, Five Boys answered our first call for flower submissions. Thanks for being so patient! We love your watercolor flower garden!

Aren't these rolled paper flowers that Trish from Preschool Playbook shared cute and fun looking?

Trish also shared these Poppin' Good flowers made with popcorn.
She also made these really fun fingerprint flowers and bugs projects with her preschool class.
As you can probably tell already, Trish's flower unit towards the end of the year is a big one! Her class also helped make this collaborative bulletin board, what a fun way to decorate the classroom.
Michelle at A Mommy's Adventure and her daughter made these dandelion prints, turning those pesky weeds into an art experience!
Angie at Fun with Kiddos sent us these really neat handprint lillies, wouldn't a bunch look pretty as an always fresh bouquet?

Flower Projects

Donni at the Magic Onion shared this wonderful post on The Flower Ball, full of imagination! What a wonderful and different way of looking at spring's bounty!

Michelle at A Mommy's Adventure sent us this adorable flower craft that she and her daughter use when they sing a song about planting and growing. They also did a real planting activity and are growing celery!

Brandi from Adventures of a Flake sent us this book and "planting" activity. This would also make a quick and easy gift even a young child can make.

Flower Themed Learning Activity

Michaela at Not Really Homeschooling did a great Wild Flower lesson with her 3 year old, the objective was to recognize flowers when you come across them, knowing whether they're poisonous and what you can do with them; establishing a love of nature, being observant.

Bobbi at Casa Camacho made this fun handprint and parts of a flower activity.
Trish at Preschool Playbook also did a parts of a flower activity. She had her students use yarn to emphasize the different parts.
Basia from United Teaching created I Spy Nature Cards and has them available for you to download. These would be great to take along on your next walk. She also shares her Flowers and Gardening Unit Outline, here. You may also be interested in her Flower Matching Cards.


  1. These are great because I plan on doing the letter F next week! Thanks again!

  2. Great projects. They are all so cute.

  3. Wow, thanks for posting all those flower activities, I never expected to see them ALL! You girls are great!

  4. great ideas! i should have shared my mother's day flower pots with you as an idea:(

  5. I haven't tried this flower project yet, but it's so pretty.

    Tissue Paper Carnations

  6. Those are great! Stop by and pickup your awards!!