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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Alphabet Activities: All Letters

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Since we skipped our letter of the week post last Friday in favor of End of the Year Teacher Gift Ideas and because it ties in so nicely with this week's giveaway, Zooples & Co's Animal Alphabet Cards, we decided to feature alphabet review activities this Wednesday on our weekly themed post. If you haven't read the review post, be sure you do for several alphabet activities to use the cards with!Jenny at Our Nifty Notebook and her daughter cut out letters and numbers to make their own letter and number board. What a great way to reuse magazines or catalogs before recycling them.KC @ The Wonder Years uses this alphabet dominos game to work on beginning letter sounds with her preschoolers. She shares the link to where you can get a free set to make your own in her post.Katey at Having Fun at Home made this simple game using left over foam stickers and disposable cups. Practice ordering the alphabet with this clothespin idea featured on Havin' Fun Yet.
Bobbi at Casa Camacho stops periodically to review the letters she's covered with her daughters. This popsicle stick game can easily be adapted for any combination of letters as can her clothespin game featured in the same post. Go see the cute paper chain they make to keep track of all the letters they've covered and see how much fun writing in shaving cream and pudding, don't worry it wasn't both at the same time, can be! Bobbi also made these alphabet folders, that would be great in a writing center as well as to review letters of the week.
Teach Mama shares this simple uppercase and lowercase alphabet matching spin game. Chasing Cherrios made these great pipe cleaner letter cards, what a great tactile activity. We especially like how the vowels are a different color. For another alphabet tactile activity check out Melissa's sand tray post.
Ramblings of a Crazy Woman made a popsicle stick game for her daughter, she used the sticks to make shapes and letters and her daughter then copies them by placing more sticks on top.

Our reader Amy sent us these great activities she does that would work with several early learning concepts:

~I have found that taking a simple piece of paper with 6 circles on it each colored with a different color or with 6 shapes on it makes a great practice sheet for my energenic toddler. I have him "Drive" his toy cars/trains onto the color or shape and I tell him (and the car) what a great job they are doing when they get it right. This works with numbers and letters too.

~Another fun thing we do is draw out shapes/colors/letters/numbers with sidewalk chalk and I ask my 2 year old to step on a specific color/shape/letter/number. This would be a great way to get the kids up and moving and outside enjoying the lovely spring and summer weather!

Mrs. Cox's PreK Class has several great ideas on her site. We especially like the letter roads, wax resist letters, alphabet path game, stamping game, and letter basketball.

Jolanthe at Homeschool creations has created more great resources for letter studies and is sharing them with all of us! She's made a template for an alphabet book, a great set of beginning consonant sound cards, and this set of alphabet cut and paste sheets. Thank you Jolanthe for sharing your fabulous resources, a lot of time and effort was put into making these and we appreciate it!

Don't forget to come back tomorrow for Picnic Table Talk! We'll be sharing our favorite alphabet book, an ABC list about ourselves and/or family, or an alphabet activity we really liked doing with our kids. Please come on back and share!


  1. thanks for the links. Love those tactile pipecleaner cards!

  2. Woo-hoo- What great ideas!! =)

  3. LOVE the ideas... i am gearing up to start the ABCs with my tot... still undecided on the order though!

    and i have a HUGE QUESTION- is there any cute way to teach the letter and sound simultaneously? like a cute rhyme or song???

  4. All these ideas are awesome and something I know M would love to do when it is her turn to learn her ABC's.

  5. Thanks for featuring us!

    These are great links. I really like the alphabet spin idea. I think I might have to make that a sight word spin game!

  6. such fun ideas! thanks for adding me to the mix--and thanks for the awesome new games to try!!