ABC and 123: A Learning Collaborative: April 2014

Monday, April 28, 2014

Elephant & Piggie Book Extension Activity

I Am Invited to a Party! 

(An Elephant and Piggie Book) 

by Mo Willems

Our kids LOVE the Elephant & Piggie books by Mo Willems.  The text is easy enough for our youngest reader, but still laughable for our older kids.  The character illustrations say so much with very few words and offer plenty of opportunity to practice inferencing. 

During our many re-reads of these books our family began to brainstorm ways to bring Elephant and Piggie into our playtime too.  In the coming days we hope to share several Mo Willems extension activities for your early childhood kiddos to enjoy.

The Basics:
After reading the book together pull out your dress up collection for some party primping.  Print a stack of invites (see below) and brainstorm goofy party possibilities.  Begin by handing each child an invite and letting them get creative about their costuming. Once they are getting in to the game let them choose their own cards and have you, or their friends, try to guess what type of party they have been invited to.  This simple game brings new life to the costume box and LOTS of giggles!

Before filling out the cards you may want to take inventory of your classroom (or home) dress up collection to be sure there are sufficient props to prep for the appropriate parties.  Here are a few silly examples of the parties our family was invited to:  Kitchen Owl Party, Construction Monkey Party, Clown Doctor Party, Star Wars Dog Party, Pirate Tea Party, Princess Pool Party, Ghost Baseball Party.  If is also fun to leave some cards blank. As the kids get into the silliness of inventing wardrobes they will come up with great combinations of their own to add to the blank cards.


For more extension activities check out our Mo Willems board on Pinterest!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The Ultimate Library for Creating & Nurturing a Home that Thrives

Teachers, homeschool families, and parents of young children love a great library. We spend lots of time researching the best resources, reading book reviews, and browsing the aisles in our favorite book stores.  In the summer months we spend hours catching up on the newest techniques, tips, and strategies for teaching and learning.    Books are kind of our thing. 
We truly love a great library!
Today we wouldn't want to miss the opportunity to share an opportunity to build the ultimate library of homemaking resources with our book loving readers. While not every book in this collection may make its way to your classroom, the material included in this library is sure to simplify many other aspects of your busy life.  
Here is a small glimpse at some of the titles that are available, by clicking through the picture you can see the titles and descriptions of each book as well as the book's individual value.  The books are all listed by category and you will soon discover that the deal seems too good to be true.  
I am especial excited to check out 101 Activities for Toddlers and Preschools, The Preschool Jouney, and two different variations on Homeschool Planners.  I think it will also be fun to spend some time with Monkey See, Monkey Do: A Guide to Using PicMonkey to make pictures look professional.  There are so many amazing titles included in this library.
On top of the fantastic collection of Kindle or PDF titles, this bundle includes over $200 worth of free products and subscriptions for you to sample.  We are looking forward to experimenting with the free eco-friendly laundry detergent, which in itself holds the value of this whole bundle.
The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle is available for 5 days only.  Check it out today and when summer reading season hits we should meet back here and chat about the tips and tricks you are most excited to add to next year's lessons for life plan!