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Monday, June 8, 2009

Picnic Food: Fish

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This week's picnic food suggestions will have you wondering what kind of fish-y fun we have up our sleeves for tomorrow's review & giveaway!

Underwater Aquarium
* Blue Jello
* Colored Gummy Ffish
* Clear Plastic Cups
Make the jello following the directions on the box.
Divide the jello between the plastic cups.
Once the jello slightly sets, add the fish.
Put it back in the fridge to completly set.

Crushed graham crackers made a sandy looking garnish if you want an ocean instead of an aquarium!

~Make your own Underwater Candy Necklaces. String colored gummy sharks & fish onto a piece of fish line. Tie as a necklace that fits over the child's head.

~Tuna Fish sandwiches make a fishy main dish.

~Good ole' Goldfish Crackers also make a great picnic snack!

~Make mini Fishing Poles by attaching a piece of black licorice to a stick pretzel. Tie a gummy fish to the other end of the fishing pole for a tasty catch.

Picnic Table Talk

Planning ahead for this week's picnic table talk? The topic is arts & crafts

Some post suggestions are:
~Share a tutorial for a favorite art or craft project you have made
~Share a list of your favorite sites for finding art and craft projects to make
~Make a list of your all time favorite art supplies for kids
~Link to a post showing a crafty project you have done with your kids


  1. Sounds great! I'm looking forward to everyone's posts!

  2. I am looking forward to everyone's posts on this topic, because I am particularly weak in this area.

  3. Sounds fun, we might have to try out the underwater aquarium!

  4. I'm excited for this week's picnic table talk topic, it's right up my alley!

  5. Love the underwater jello aquarium! I wish I would have had this when we did our ocean theme. I think we will try it anyhow!! :-)

  6. Is the Picnic Table Talk on Thursday again?