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Friday, June 26, 2009

Letter F Activities

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F is for Fan

The Crafty Classroom has step by step directions for putting together a Japanese fan.
There is also a free printable fan pattern on her site.

F is for Fractions

Valerie submitted a 1st Grade Math file folder on Fraction Fish. The printables are available for you to print and use!

Here is a tasty looking resource, shared by Our Nifty Notebook, for getting a feel for fractions.

F is for Faces & Feelings

Thanks to Celebrate Everyday for this feeling faces book idea.

F is for Food & Fruit

Storytime and More collaged a page full of fruits and foods. She also has a yummy list of fruits to add to kabobs.

F is for Fingerprints

Create a fingerprint F and check out some printable page ideas.

F is for Fish
Our Homeschool Adventures shares reading, math, craft, and science activites for a week full of fish fun.

The kids at Arts and Crofts had oceans of fun with fishy numbers!

Michelle and her kids enjoyed many F books and activities, as listed in her post. Here is the final product of their fish project.

F is for Footprint
Thanks again to Delightful Learning for this F inspiration.

F is for Fire, Foil, Fish, Feathers, Fancy Nancy, and more. This post, from the Casa Camacho, has a whole week's worth of F fun!

F is for Farm

Thanks to Kristiana for sharing this great line up of farm activities.

Printout or Die Cut of of Sheep/Lamb, cotton balls, glue, paint brush, cardboard (to glue it onto for sturdiness) and scissors for shearing.

STEPS:unroll or stretch the cotton balls outcover sheep in gluestick on cotton pieces one at a time till sheep is coveredGlue onto cardboard (before or after) to make sheering easier
Sheer the sheep with scissors or pull off with fingers


TOOLS: Shoe box or other small box, clip art of farm animals (lamintaed and cut out), lg popcical sticks. glue, foam blocks, paint, paint brush, container for paint, grass or straw.STEPS:Begin by painting the box, set aside to let dry (tempura paints dry pretty quickly)Glue the farm animals to the sticksOnce the box dries insert the foam blocks. Cut to fit if a small amount of glue on tip of blocks and glue on straw or grass. (Too much glue will make the the foam hard when dried, be careful!) - set aside to dryOnce all dried insert the sticks into the foam and you have your farm!When you are done, take the sicks down, and lay them in the box and close the lid.

TOOLS:Cardboard or heavy paper, straw or brown paper bag/yellow paper (cut into tiny strips), construction paper, fabric square2 Popsicle sticks, glue, scissors, mini pom pom, yarn for mouth, 2 small or mini googly eyes, stapler, 1-3 buttons (if you want)
MAKE A KIT PREP!cut a circle for the head out of cardboard or heavy papercut small piece of yarn for mouthcut s square out of fabric about 5"x5"gather straw or shredded paper (cut in small strips to shred yourself)- to look like straw use yellow or brown. Enough to glue on sticks and "stuff"Cut out a hat (to look like straw hat?)

Glue the sticks together and set aside to dry (or hot glue ahead of time)
Take out or cut cardboard circle (for head)
Glue straw on head
Glue googly eyes
Glue mouth
Glue hat on head over the straw - set aside to dry
Fold fabric into a triangle snip it with scissors in center to make opening large enough to slip pver the stick
Stuff with a little straw or paper strips then staple shut on sides
Glue buttons on front of fabric
Glue head on sticks
Set aside to dry


TOOLS:Tub, plastic farm animals, straw or paper cut into strips


  1. Great ideas! The fishy numbers are so cute and I love all of those great farm activities!

  2. Wow, that's a lot of Ff fun! I think we'll have to try the Farm Sensory Tub - that looks like fun, and will go right along with our 4-H fair!

  3. Those are great ideas! I can't wait to try them all!