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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Picnic Table Talk: Freedom & Independence

Summer Prize Picnic Participants
1. Branflakes
2. Katie
3. Teaching Young Children
6. Katie's Nesting Spot
7. Our Nifty Notebook
9. Adventures in Mommydom
11. Of Cabbages & Kings

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  1. Sorry guys, my first link today is actually for Picnic Table talk. I DID NOT realize my title description was still in the linky from when I added my giveaway to another linky site earlier this week! I've emailed the "Katie's" and asked them to please remove this first link!

    I am so embarrassed and sorry! Am not trying to take advantage of "free advertising"-- I promise!!

  2. Thank you so much Katie for replying to my email so quickly and fixing my mess up too!! I really appreciate it! You guys are great!


  3. i am so excited about the fourth of july- we are incorporating our letter F day- with fireworks, family, and fun! Maybe we'll have fruit and french toast for breakfast, fajitas for lunch and fried fish for dinner! i will post more about our independence day fun!

  4. If you add your 4th of July post to your blog please let me know and I will add you to this week's link list! Thanks!!