ABC and 123: A Learning Collaborative: Current Submission Requests

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Current Submission Requests

Please email submissions to
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We are currently looking for reader submissions for activities and lesson plans on the following themes in addition to our daily featured content areas. Please see the box at the top of our posting header for current submission requests.

Activities and lesson plans should teach one of the core academic content areas such as:

Language arts: including phonemic awareness, book activities, reading, Writing: such as learning to write, using graphic organizers, note-taking, journaling, and paper writing - both story-telling and research basedMath: from beginning concepts such as sorting, patterning, and number identification to addition, multiplication, algebra, and higher mathematical concepts

  • Science Concepts and Experiments
  • Geography:
  • Social Studies:
  • School specials such as music, physical eduation, art, etc.
    Life Skills - think of these as manners and behaviors you'd like your child to exhibit such as acceptance, goal setting, compassion, dependability, forgiveness, independence, respect, etc.
  • Any other subject, you feel readers would be interested in, but please keep in mind we are focused on academic and life skills content.
We are always looking for clear and concisely written lesson plans.
Please include the following in your submissions:

  • A clearly written title: one that tells exactly what your lesson is about

  • Learning objective: even if they are not part of your post, please include them in your email submission at the top of your email. This helps us categorize submissions for posting.

  • A DIRECT LINK to the post you are submitting for consideration; not a link to your blog homepage.

While we will consider all submissions however, activities submitted in the following format will receive special consideration:

Title - the name of your activity, should give the reader a clear idea of the subject and topic
Picture - picture of lesson being done, finished product from lesson, or picture of materials used for the lesson
Learning Objective - short, clear statement of what skill is being taught during the lesson
Materials - list of materials required to complete lesson
Tutorial/Lesson Plan Procedure - step by step, usually numbered list of how to do the lesson.


  1. Oh this sounds so fun! Can't wait!

  2. Hi just added your button to my blog. Good luck. I'll be thinking about you. I try to submit some plans too.

  3. Great site! I'll be putting in some submissions soon.

  4. Hi, does the suggested information go in the blog post or in the email we send you?

  5. It's really very funny, I just loved reading it, thanks for posting it!