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Friday, April 9, 2010

Alphabet: The Letter U

If U are looking for some unusual letter U activities, U have come to the right place!

Jackie for Pocketful of Posies submitted a link with several letter U ideas. She has put together a U themed file folder and offered the downloads on her site. She also used the book The Ugly Duckling to support the theme. Cute!

Brandy has a great round up of U activities. I especially love her idea to make upside down cake! She shares the recipes, as well as her other unique ideas, on Adventures of a Flake.

Mama Jenn put together a great file folder game called Up, Up, and Away. You can check it out here. She shares instructions for three different learning games using the game board.

At Counting Coconuts they made an underwater U and an uncle matching game while exploring the letter U.

Are you thinking of U for Umbrella?
Here are some fun variations!

Our Alphabet Adventure

Pocketful of Posies: Umbrella Vowel Matching Cards, Counting Cards, a Book, Craft, and More!
Always Something to Learn: Umbrella Matching Game, Crafts, Tracing & Coloring Pages

Goldilicious is a fun book about a Unicorn.
You may want to check out The Best Kids Book Site for instructions on making a Unicorn mask.

SPL Kids has a silly line up of books about Underwear and a printable pair to decorate.
If you are feeling really crafty you can try this tutorial for making a wallet out of undies.

Unplug the tv.
Take you bikes for a ride on a U-turn.
Or hang Upside down at the park.
Eat without using Utensils.
Try an Ugly Fruit for snack.
Dress up in a Uniform.
Study about the USA.

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