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Friday, August 31, 2012

Back to School

Welcome back friends!

After a great summer break, with my children who no longer nap allowing me time to blog ;), we are ready to jump into a fun filled, play filled, learning filled...
2012-2013 school year!  

Here at ABC & 123:  A Learning Cooperative we are especially excited to resume our posting schedule including writing from our fantastic feature writers: Ticia, Malia, Ana, and Jedda.  We will be kicking off Show and Tell again shortly.  At this point we are considering a biweekly Show and Tell through the new year, beginning on September 18th.  During the summer months worked on developing relationships with a few key companies.  We look forward to sharing them with you during this year and hopefully offering some giveaways that will be valuable to your teaching situations! 

As always, if you have an idea for a feature column you would like to write and share here on ABC & 123 we would love for you to pitch your ideas.  Send them to our email:  abc123learning(dot)com. 

If you have been reading here for awhile you may remember Feature Me Friday! Since our site is all about finding the best learning ideas and strategies around the web by featuring the amazing activities our readers are doing, we would love to feature you.  Suggestions for a guest post include:

~Photo: blog header, link button, you and your family etc.
~Introductory paragraph(s): A few sentences introducing you, your family, and blog.  Include photos as appropriate
~3-5 of your favorite activities, crafts, etc.: We suggest including one photo per highlighted activity.  Please include a short description or why you liked it etc. and if you have a post about it on your blog a direct link to it.
~Closing paragraph: Give links to all the ways readers can find you, for example your blog link, Twitter, Facebook etc.

Feel free to look through our archives for examples of Feature Me Friday posts.

We would love to offer another opportunity for our newer readers to feature themselves.  If you are interested in a spot in the 2012-2013 Feature Me Friday schedule send us a note and we will send out the directions and your schedule.

Also remember that you are welcome to send us links of your favorite posts any time.  We will add them to our submissions folder and post them when they fit with the topic we are covering!

Looking forward to another season of collaborating with you all!


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