ABC and 123: A Learning Collaborative: Top 10 Universal Studios Inspired Halloween Costumes for Kids

Monday, October 6, 2014

Top 10 Universal Studios Inspired Halloween Costumes for Kids

 Despicable Me

Image Credit: Costume Works

There are so many adorable options for dressing your little ones up as minions if they are your  Despicable Me favorites.  This year I am loving the idea of three little ladies dressed up to look like Gru's adorable daughters.  This is an especially fun family dress up option.

The Simpsons

The Simpsons would be another interesting family costume idea.  Who can resist this adorable Baby Maggie!

Curious George
Image Credit: The Chirping Mom

Curious George and The Man with the Yellow Hat are dress up classics.  The Chriping Moms put together a simple, yet adorable version of this famous duo.  If you don't have two little ones to dress opt for the Man with the Yellow Hat and carry a favorite stuffed monkey.

Dora the Explorer
Image Credit: The MomBot

Dora and Boots are preschool favorites.
Image Credit: Crafty Bitch

While visiting Universal last summer we were able to introduce our four young children to Popeye and his best gal Olive Oil.  This little sailor is the most precious Popeye ever!

Dr. Seuss
Image Credit: Moms Best Nest

Each year at Halloween we greet several Thing 1 and Thing 2 pairs at our doorstep.  Dr. Seuss fans looking for something different might want to dress up like Sam I Am.

Image Credit: The Truthful Mom

At Universal Orlando Shrek and Fiona are the fairy tale favorites.  This little hat totally makes this costume

Image Credit: I Want Some Fun

Older children might not appreciate this Elliot costume for how awesome it is, but it certainly brings back childhood memories for mom and dad.  The ET Adventure at Universal Orlando is our kid's favorite ride, making this costume a top contender on my four year old's dress up list.

Image Credit: Costume Works

One of the most intimidating attractions at Universal Orlando is The Hulk, yet somehow every little boy is drawn to it - if only to stand beneath it and listen to the roar.  I suppose that's pretty true to form for Hulk - loud and intimidating, but irresistible!


Image Credit: Dollar Store Crafts

This construction is seriously amazing.  My six year old is scheming to figure out who he could get to create this for him.  He is also very curious how this friend got out of the costume when he was done.

What costumes are you lining up for this Halloween?  
Does your family try to all dress according to a theme? 
Do you focus on book characters?  Movie Characters?  Animals?  
We would love to hear from you!


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