ABC and 123: A Learning Collaborative: Experimenting with Pumpkins

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Experimenting with Pumpkins

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Do you have a child who would be fascinated by an exploding pumpkin? Check out this experiment.

Make your pumpkin Glow in the Dark with Steve Spangler's experimental fun.

How Do You Keep a Jack-O-Lantern from Rotting? Experiment with this cutting, carving, and preserving science suggestion.

Use your leftover pumpkins for several different scientific experiements.

Everything ESL has a Pumpkin Science lesson for students grades 2-6, exploring how pumpkins grow.

Teaching Tiny Tots shared a very well explained and layed out tot time experiment using pumpkin.

Use Arts and Crofts' suggestions for teaching your children about the life cycle of a pumpkin.

Watch a bit of Cool Halloween Science. Here is an oozing pumpking experiment!


  1. Those oozing pumpkins are nasty! LOL!

  2. How cool is that!? I can't wait for the boys to get home to show them this video - they will LOVE it! I have two extra boys coming home with us too so now I'll be the coolest Mom ever. :)

  3. How cool is the oozing pumpkin? My 4 yr old loved it!!!