ABC and 123: A Learning Collaborative: The Letter Nn

Friday, October 23, 2009

The Letter Nn

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We hope you enjoy the Letter N activities sent in by our readers! Don't forget to send us your Letter O activities now, we don't have very many in our submission folder for next time!

Apples and Jammies made a noodle necklace and then used it to form the letter N.

Sarah at The Fift Street Academy, also used noodles, but they filled in the letter N with noodles. They also went on a nature walk, and laced with a needle, and made nickle rubbings.

Eva at Handmade Beginnings, turned letter activites into some active fun! Check out her Nylon Tennis!

Sandra at Celebrate Every Day, made neckties out of newspaper for the letter N lesson.

Brandy at Adventures of a Flake, read The Best Nest as part of their letter N work, and then she took the kids out to look for real nests and to make their own! She also shared in another post, how her son counted out nine objects.

Jase & Cassie at Our Alphabet Adventure also used nests as their letter N word, and made this adorable letter art project.

We love that Susana at Our Homeschool Fun had her son make a nest for Open Ended Art AND make a tasty looking...

edible bird's nest. What a yummy way to end our letter of the week activities!

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  1. We did N this week at co-op, and we made Noodle Necklaces with pasta that I had dyed. :)

    I also let each of the kids in my class jump over a candle (unlit, of course -- LOL) and we would recite Jack Be Nimble.