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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thanksgiving Book Reviews

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Shannon's daughter Faith, 7 years old, wrote two Thanksgiving book reviews as part of her writing practice last week and submitted them for us to share with you. Thanks Faith!

The two books she chose are early reader, I Can Read, books. They are simple chapter books and from my (List Maker Katie) second grade teacher perspective they are very popular with 7 & 8 year old readers.

Silly Tilly’s Thanksgiving Dinner
By Lillian Hoban

This book is about a mole who does not remember what she does. When Mr. Bunny came to visit, she did not remember that it was Thanksgiving .When she bumped into a tree, she could not see. She had fog on her glasses! She has trouble remembering everything. I thought that this book was fun for children to read.

I Am the Turkey
By Michelle Sobel Spirn

There were a couple of days until the school play. There were pilgrims and a rock and tree. The boy was the turkey. He felt happy at first, but then he didn’t. He thought the play would be ruined, but he saves the day. This book made me feel like I could laugh all day!

On a different note, if you are already gathering ideas for next year's Thanksgiving unit you will appreciate the book suggestions, craft projects, and notes in Run the Earth, Watch the Sky's Thanksgiving submission.

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  1. I love that a seven year old sent these in! I hope more young friends will send their favorite books to share. I've always liked those Silly Tilly books.