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Friday, February 19, 2010

Fun With Letters: The Letter R

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R is for Rubbings
Apples and Jammies decorate R's by rubbing crayon over tracks and textures.

R is for Rainbows
Confessions of a Homeschooler put together a wonderful group of Rainbow themed activities such as:  Roll a rainbow, color by numbers, alphabet matching cards, and more.

Turning Ordinary into Extraordinary did several R activities over the past summer: chenille rainbows, a rainbow in a jar, rabbit tangrams, and more.

The Shafer Family used water to paint a rainbow and a rain resist picture.

Refined Metals Academy put together rainbow crayons.  They also have a lap book dedicated to learning about things that are Round.
Pocketful of Posies read Planting a Rainbow and followed it up with a cutting activity.

Mama Jenn sent us a great selection of Rainbow links:
Rainbow painted using pencil erasers

Rainbow made using ribbon scraps

Rainbows made using buttons

Rainbow sun catcher

R is for Rabbits
Always Something to Learn used rabbits to introduce the letter R.  They used stuffed rabbits to practice more, less, bigger, smaller, etc. 

Thanks to Pocketful of Posies for sharing their Rabbit book, craft, and tangram.

R is Ribbon Collages, Rolling Pins, and Painted Rocks
The kids at Fifth Street Academy had fun with R!

R is for Ripped Paper, Rockets, and Rainbow Colored Rice
Counting Coconuts put together a colorful ripped paper R that would also be great for fine motor practice. And I can only image the fun explorations that would come from a huge tub of color mixing rice.
Thanks to Ideas from a Future Teacher for submitting this link.

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  1. I am in love with these rainbow ideas. All of them! Great post!