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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Valentine Themed Learning Activities

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Katie's Nesting Spot suggests Conversation Hearts for a math sorting, counting, and graphing activity.
Tired, Need Sleep put together a printable count and clip game great for practicing basic counting this heart day.

Use something simple you already have in your home, playing cards, to make a Valentine memory game.

Using a pile of conversation hearts as story starters for creative writing, or have children add to a collaborative round table story by using key words of a conversation heart.

At Muffin Tin Mom, see how Michelle put together this simple sight word file folder matching game.

Katie has also put together a post of Valentine activities worth checking out: Heart Attack (writing / life skills), Secret Cupid (life skills), Hidden Hearts (reading/life skills), and Converstation Starters.
What heart themed learning activities have you put together for use with your students this week?
Please link to your posts below! (Please Note:  We will be featuring a Valentine Cards and Crafts link on Friday, so please save artsy-craftsy suggestions until then).


  1. Ooops! Sorry, just read the fine print about crafts on Friday. So sorry!!! Please feel free to take my links off (I couldn't figure out how to do it).

  2. awesome round up, off to read every ones links!