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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Easter Learning Activities

Arts and Crofts submitted a great list of egg related science books for children. They used the books to prepare the kids for a animal classification science experiment.

They also had all kinds of math fun using chenille chicks: egg carton addition, chick wars, hide and peep, and chick patterning. Great ideas!

No Time for Flashcards did a simple preschool experiment using eggs to determine if objects would sink or float.

Basia used plastic Easter eggs to teach the concepts of empty and full and light and heavy.

Adventures of a Flake has shared a post highlighting the book The Story of Easter and follow up activities.

Nicole from Tired Need Sleep thought you might be interested in a game they've been playing with plastic Easter eggs. It is mostly for fun, but it's also good for counting practice, color recognition, and learning to take turns. She has included the printables needed to put this game together.

Here is one of United Teaching's Easter activities, an Easter Treasure Hunt in a Sensory Table.

We also love the bunny tangrams they put together.

Alicia from Discoveries of a Teacher has given us an Easter gift by sharing her wealth of Easter themed center activities. You'll really appreciate this resource which includes: an addition game, sorting game, tracing boards, number & word matches, and more!

You may or may not already be familiar with the resource called File Folder Fun. Valerie has recently put together a great collection of Easter themed file folder games that are FREE for download!


  1. super cute ideas! love the bunny tanagrams... never seen that before:)

  2. fun ideas! thanks for sharing! :)

  3. Hop on over to my place see a few more Easter activities. :)

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