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Friday, May 28, 2010

Frugal Tips for Learning

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We're always interested in ways to make the dollar stretch farther, especially when it comes to learning activities. Which can cost a lot! If you've got a great way to save money of supplies or activities, email us so we can highlight your tips too!

I'll start! When I began teaching kindergarten, I had almost no classroom library. To build mine up quickly, so that kids would have plenty of books to look at and explore for language activities I became a frequent shopper at "Friends of the Library" sales. My current library has them once a month and all kids books, videos, etc. are only a QUARTER each! I've gotten some beautiful hardcover books in mint condition that I've even wrapped up and given my daughter for gifts.~Katie, Katie's Nesting Spot

MaryAnne from Mama Smiles share a thifty alternative for a sand table.

Rachel at Quiry Mama shares that "We mix our tempera paint with shaving cream. It makes the paint go farther, the colors seem more brilliant as they dry and the paint is no longer spill-able as the shaving cream makes it stick to the cup. Also, if I add a lot of shaving cream I now have finger paint - a huge hit with my toddler!"
Melinda at Mama Bear's Clubhouse sent us this tip to use page protectors to make worksheets reusable.

Annette at Live, Learn, Love also shared her way to get the most use out of preschool workbooks. Kids need so much practice with writing, this is a much greener way of learning, with less waste for sure!
Starr at shares her tips for finding free and cheap art supplies.


  1. What great ideas! I love Quirky's.

  2. What great ideas! I'm going to have to try out the shaving cream one this summer!

  3. We have a smaller (more portable) sandbox, but Mama Smiles' looks like more fun! Thanks for featuring me!

  4. We put worksheets in binders like that too, and I love the shaving cream idea!

    Thanks for featuring me! =)

  5. If you add lots of shaving foam to your paint, you can also create puffy paint with great texture. I always find great picture book titles on ebay, and find sellers in the US who will post old copies of The Mailbox to the UK, for a bargain price!

  6. I am LOVING the poratable sand box I just have to convince my husband :)

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