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Monday, June 4, 2012

Teaching with Ticia: Indiana and Mississippi


I always find research for these state studies interesting.  I find out all sorts of things, for instance Indiana is another of the states President Lincoln lived in.  Prior to starting researching I hadn't realized how much people moved around back then.  I had thought it was a recent trend, but apparently it's just in the DNA of our country.

What's in the lapbook:
Indie 500- I've found that giving kids a chance to build with Legos and learn at the same time is a guaranteed buy in from them.  The same was true this time as they built race cars and raced them.

A Place Called Freedom- This is a great story about the founding of Freedom, Indiana.  After reading we took the time to plan out what our perfect city would look like on paper.  If you have extra time, this would be a great time to pull out blocks and building supplies to design your town.

Raggedy Ann and Andy- I always wanted one, they're so cute.  We did a lot of talking about what our perfect doll would look like and then made some fun paper dolls.

Non-lapbook projects

Floating House- Prior to reading this book, I hadn't really thought about the different ways people might have traveled West, and after reading this we talked about it a little, but then we made boats to take home.

student name is blurred

Projects in the lapbook

Stetson hats- There are two different ways to go with this topic.  One would be to design your own hat for a specific purpose.  I decided to go with the science behind felting.  The kids all got a chance to turn some wool roving into felt, and discover it's not as easy as it looks.

Freedom School- During the Civil Rights movement many people came down South to teach the African Americans who hadn't been given equal schooling.  This is a great example of the bravery of everyone involved in that movement, and what a rich heritage we have because of the many cultures coming into our country.

Mike Fink- Tall tales are funny things, back in the 1800s an over the top braggart who is a bully was popular.  Now we read about him and think he's a bully and don't like him.  He does make for great discussion, though, and after reading it I challenged them to draw their own rendition of what he fought.

How Steam Engines work- When I think of Mississippi I think of steamboats.  But, how to make that into an activity for young kids?  Well, obviously you need to look at the science behind it.  Especially when you find a great video narrated by a seven year old.


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