ABC and 123: A Learning Collaborative: Teaching with Ticia: Illinois and Alabama

Monday, July 2, 2012

Teaching with Ticia: Illinois and Alabama


Illinois state symbols- we lost ours, since coop was at another house

Hog Music- 'A little girl is sent a birthday present by her aunt, along the way things are added to her present to make it truly memorable.'   After reading this we took the time to figure out what we would give her if we were sending a present cross country.  It has to pack well and not break while traveling a long way.  Our group came up with dolls, and hair ribbons, and the boys, of course, added in weapons.

Mr. Lincoln's Whiskers- 'A little girl writes a letter to presidential hopeful Abraham Lincoln encouraging him to grow a beard.'  We stopped the book half way through, right after the letter was written and each of the kids wrote what they would suggest Mr. Lincoln do.

Popcorn- Illinois is known for its popcorn, and so we tried an experiment with soaking popcorn kernels in different liquids to see which would pop best.

Other ideas I didn't cover due to lack of time and or books to read:

Barack Obama, Ronald Reagan (born in Illinois), Wild Bill Hickock, Field Museum, Great Chicago Fire, the first McDonald's, Oreo cookies


Sadly, our library only really had anything about Rosa Parks, so our study was rather short for Alabama.

Alabama state symbol book

Rosa Parks- After reading about Rosa Parks we talked about small ways we can right wrongs.  Rosa Parks did by not standing up.  Then we talked about it.

Helen Keller- This is one of those great stories about not giving up.  If you have not read about Helen Keller, go out and read her life story.  She is incredibly inspirational, and as a little girl I read her life story over and over again.

Last Mule of Gee's Bend- Gee's Bend helped with the Civil Rights movement in a small, but very important way.  They provided the mules that helped pull Martin Luther King Jr's coffin.  For a while I thought about having them show a way to honor someone, but instead decided a craft was called for, so we made mules, to help us remember the mules from Gee's Bend.


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