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Monday, June 20, 2011

Teaching with Ticia: mini-patriotic unit

Fourth of July is around the corner, and I know I'm starting to think about what we can do to celebrate it and teach my kids about our great country.  I actually did this as part of our Maryland state study, but I'm going to expand this out from what we did for it with some more ideas.

Here's a list of books/CDs I found at our library.  The last one is an Adventures in Odyssey that nicely acts out the events.  My kids are big fans of it, and it's a different way to go about the lesson.

For full instructions head to my post about the Star Spangled Banner, but essentially. You're going to cut out the fort and ships attacking it, and glue them on, and then paint.  Adding in flecks of red, orange, and yellow for the explosions (the rockets red glare).

Printable here.

Alternative project: illustrate each verse and make it into a multi-page book.


Obviously, there's the War of 1812.  You can talk about why the United States was fighting England, again.  Create a timeline of when different battles happened.

In geography you can find the state of Maryland on a map, and look for the city of Baltimore.


Read the lyrics, and look for the rhymes.  This is going to be harder than a Dr. Seuss book because it's not a straight ABAB rhyming scheme.  Star Spangled Banner lyrics.


Study the flag.  Count the number of stripes.  How many white, how many red?  Look at the pattern of the stars.  How many are in each row?  Do all of the rows have the same number?  Look at a picture of the different flags.  How many stars were on the flag during the War of 1812?  What different shapes have they made with the stars?


This is a very martial song, and to me calls for marching.  You can also teach them the etiquette for the song, how you're supposed to stand, where to put your hand, what to do if you're wearing a hat.


You can make a rocket.......

Don't forget on 4th of July we're going to link up any and all posts about Pennsylvania, it could be your visit there, or an activity you did about the state, but I can't wait to see what you guys have done!


  1. fun I wrote and posted a 4th of july lesson plan (that last a week) if you interested in checking it out