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Friday, November 11, 2011

My Mommy is a Blogger by Sommer Poquette

We consider students' academic needs, brainstorm appropriate objectives, plan engaging activities, assess their understanding of the new material...

... then post the lesson photos and outcomes online to share with all of our other teacher/mommy friends. 


My own children have become suspicious.  Why are you taking pictures of our papers again?  How did my project already get on the computer?  What are you going to write about it?  Why are you doing that?  These are all questions I have heard from my oldest two who are becoming more aware of what I do when I am on the computer.

Have you ever explained blogging to your children?

This summer I had the privilege of meeting Sommer -  a preschool teacher, an engaging public speaker, a social media expert, a blogger, an environmentally conscious mommy, and the author of My Mommy is a Blogger.

My Mommy is a Blogger is a clever story about how one child comes to understand what blogging is while celebrating her mother during career day. The text is humorous and the colorful illustrations are very kid friendly. Reading this story with my children helped me explain a bit about social media, tweeting, review posts, linky parties, and more. (Maybe it would be helpful to read it with my husband too, so he can better understand - wink!)

In addition to explaining blogging as both a hobby and a career, the book provides a great reminder of the importance of language.  It points out the gap between what we sometimes think we are clearly explaining to children and what their actual understanding is based on our actions and unfamiliar vocabulary. I also love the obvious ties between blogging and creativity, graphic design, story telling, and grammar - all necessary components of a successful online site.

When you order an autographed copy you will be given a link to download  a complimentary activity and lesson plan readers response eBook that accompany the book.  I enjoyed offering a bit of input as Sommer put this activity packet together.  Using her teaching background she has created a useful resource for parents and classroom teachers to build excitement about online writing opportunities.

The follow up activities are appropriate and FUN for students PreK - 3rd Grade.  The packet includes  resources and engaging activities for using the blogging platform to enhance writing instruction for children.

Not only is this a great book to share with our own children who may not understand why we spend time documenting their many learning adventures for the rest of the world to benefit from;), it would be a fun addition to an elementary school library collection.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post.  It was my pleasure to meet Sommer during a West Michigan Blogger's Meet Up and I was excited to share her work here on ABC & 123.  I have a personal copy of the book that I purchased myself.  The links in this post are affiliate links.  When I began putting together this post I became aware of the program. When you click through you will also have the opportunity to sign up to be an affiliate if you are interested.

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