ABC and 123: A Learning Collaborative: Muffin Tin Playing, Learning, and Skill Reviewing Activities

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Muffin Tin Playing, Learning, and Skill Reviewing Activities

Thanks to Michelle from Muffin Tin Mom, families all over the blog world are using tins for serving more than just muffins.

More than just for eating, muffin tins are a great tool for organizing materials and teaching basic skills in new and creative centers.

When starting a Lego project with her son, Muffin Tin Mom sorts the small pieces into muffin tins to make the project more manageable.

Making Learning Fun explains two early childhood games that use muffin tins to teach basic skills.
Using tins, picture cards, and pom poms preschoolers can practice visual discrimination.
The second game using tins, dice, and pom poms effectively practices counting and color recognition.

At Happy Brown House muffin tins and colorful foam stickers are the materials needed to practice sorting skills.

Growing Book by Book explains 4 great games for practicing literacy skills with elementary students: Toss and Answer, Match-a-Roo, Three in a Row, and Sort-a-Roo.

The Wonder Years encouraged collaging by providing interesting materials in a muffin tin.

Meaningful Mama uses coins, cards, and muffin tins for a skill review activity than can be adapted to whatever skill you are teaching.

Pre-K Pages used a muffin tin to create a magnet exploration station.

Here's to never having too many muffin tins in your collection!


  1. I think muffin tins are the greatest thing! Thanks for the mention and look for another muffin tin post from me soon :)


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  3. Thanks so much for the mention! Honored to be in this list of fabulous ideas!

  4. Great ideas! I just started a homeschool blog roll over on my blog. I would love to have you add yours in!

  5. We love muffin tin sorting at! So versatile! Thanks for posting such great ideas.

    A favorite inexpensive sort are a collection of plastic lids.

    We also use bead trays to sort objects.