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Sunday, January 29, 2012

National Puzzle Day: Why Puzzles?

Brain Health & Puzzles explains the importance of puzzles for learning, maintaining, and improving your brain.  Puzzles improve our focus, attention, flexibility, and memory.  
Most students also think they are fun, so puzzles are a great way to sneak in extra learning and skill review!
Maria has devoted an entire site to solving number puzzles.  The site, The Math Mom's Puzzles, focuses on math that is applicable to life.
According to Ann Bower's article, Teaching With Puzzles, puzzles made of wood or heavy cardboard are effective for encouraging motor skills in children ages 1-8. For older children, jigsaw puzzles with small cardboard pieces encourage problem solving skills.
Lisa's Craft Blog shares a fun snowflake craft your children may enjoy making today out of puzzle pieces.  

Grandmother Hen used craft sticks to create Remember When puzzles.  These would be nice to also use as story starters.

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