ABC and 123: A Learning Collaborative: Inspire Imagination & Character with a Classy Collection of Dolls (Holiday Gift Guide Tip #1)

Friday, November 9, 2012

Inspire Imagination & Character with a Classy Collection of Dolls (Holiday Gift Guide Tip #1)

What wishes and dreams do we hold dear for our young girls as they grow up?  How are we speaking life and love into them.  What kind of story are we hoping they write for themselves, for others, and for the future? 

As mothers and teachers of young ladies we feel a tremendous burden to guide the next generation to seek love & mercy, to recognize inner beauty, to find joy, to develop their passions, to recognize their potential, to stand for what they believe, to inspire others and so much more!

One simple way  to inspire our little ladies to dream big is by helping them to develop their imagination. There are role play activities, art projects, and creative play centers we can set up in our homes and classrooms to encourage imagination.  Pretend play with dolls is one timeless activity to encourage exploration, friendship, kindness, communication, and imagination.  

Our girls have so much to offer their generation.

Confident. Stylish. Smart. Responsible.

Creative. Capable. Friendly. Talented.

Compassionate. Service Minded. Adventurous. Strong.

 Athletic.  Conscientious. Determined.

Our Generation is an exceptional avenue for introducing girls to the world of dolls. More than just lovely 18 inch dolls, Our Generation is committed to creating a community of girls growing up together to form an extraordinary, empowered force for good.  I especially love this {paraphrased}quote, from the OG dolls, found on their website,
"We're helping our families learn to recycle, supporting charities, raising money to build homes for Haitian orphans, helping our sisters learn to read, and making sure the new students at school does not feel left out.  All that are we find time to play hopscotch and hockey, catch frogs and climb be kids. Grabbing hold of the joy that is today!"
How can a toy company accomplish all these goals?  
including stories that encourage conversations and give dimension to each unique character
with a website encouraging girls to follow their heart
My 6 year old daughter has Jenny (the Sweet Shoppe Mystery gal).   She is a beautiful, affordable doll who easily passes for a more expensive, unnamed brand of dolls my daughter's friends bring over when they come to play.  Jenny, and the rest of the OG dolls, come with appropriate accessories and outfits that are easy for little hands to change.  The product line includes fun add-ons for adventures, travel, pursuing hobbies, and changing clothes.  We have found our doll to be sturdy and easy to clean.  All of the dolls feature rooted hair that makes it possible to brush and change styles. 
If you are considering a doll for Christmas for a girl in your life I would recommend checking out Our Generation.  I noticed today several of the dolls are at clearance prices on Target(dot)com. I have also heard a tip that there will be significant savings on Our Generation dolls and accessories on Black Friday. Hopefully you will be able to get your shopping done early and under budget.  Leaving you with extra time to  explore, pretend, instruct, and dream with your daughters, and extra money to share with those in need! ;)
Disclosure: Battat toys sent Jenny and the Sweet Shoppe to our family to introduce us to the brand in hopes that I would share my experience with you here on ABC & 123.  All opinions are my own and I was not paid to promote specific text links.  


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