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Monday, November 26, 2012

Movement and Music: Using Puppets!

Hi, It's Jedda from This Little Project.  I'm here to share one of my favorite tools for interacting with kids that is also a great way to teach music and movement: PUPPETS!
One thing that is sure to get your student or child's attention is a puppet!  Sometimes it seems that children and are more comfortable interacting with a puppet than directly with an adult.  A puppet has the added benefit of being able to say and do things that adults cannot say and do directly.  
And they are FUN!
There are lots of kinds of puppets: string, hand, or stick puppets.  Children love to make their own and they are a great prop for teaching many skills.  If you are worried about singing in front of your students, use a puppet.  They will focus their attention on the puppet instead of you :)
Below I have included some ideas for how to utilize these fun friends to  
make your teaching experience more successful  
as well as some 
puppet ideas to make.
 Here are 5 ways to use puppets in the classroom
This video shows how to use a puppet to teach a counting song:
The Book Chook has ideas on how to use puppets to encourage children's literacy.
This video highlights how to teach another language with puppets, movement and music.

You don't need a  puppet theater to use puppets to teach.  But kids can learn a lot about role playing, social interaction, listening, story telling, imagination, and more through one.
  Here's how to make one in a doorway.
puppet theater
Some puppets are edible!
We have made stick puppets with Marshmallows:
And bananas too.
It's fun to have an excuse to make your food talk :)
And my children love to use peg dolls like puppets too.
Puppets are a simple tool you can use in so many ways to stimulate many skills, not just movement and music.  I hope they make teaching more fun for you and your students :)
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  1. I love puppets! I have a collection in my cupboard and even though I don't teach at a school anymore, I still love to use them with my kids. Thanks for the ideas!