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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Flip Along Fun: Children's Book Review, Giveaway, and Coupon Code

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Today we wanted to share a great learning tool, that one of our founder's is featuring on her personal blog today.  The review is below, but be sure to head over to Katie's Nesting Spot to find out how you can save $3 off a copy now through Valentine's Day and enter to win a copy!
We recently got a fantastic new book for our home library. I am always interested in children's literature, but this one really got me excited. It's a simple concept done very well. It also happens to be perfect for my daughter, right now. Children ages 2.5-6 will enjoy it a lot.

Flip Along Fun: Mix Up To Match Up...The Right Answer by Michael J. Dowling, illustrated by Sarah Dowling, is a mix and match storybook. Meaning that there are three different panels that are used to make up a simple addition "story". The whole thing is set to simple rhyming verse and colorful animal pictures.
The reader picks flips through the first and second set of panels finding an animal picture for each, that the story will feature. In the third section they find the picture that has both animals from panel one and two to complete the story. As the story is completed the animals add up.

It's hands on and interactive, the stories are delightfully funny, the concept of addition is illustrated for the kids, and the numeral on each page is enlarged and bolded. Children can see, hear, and make an addition story all at once. My daughter really likes this one:
Panel One: 3 pink pigs dancing jolly jigs.
Panel Two: Spied 2 yellow cats swinging baseball bats
Panel Three: and all 5 had a laugh as they sat in the bath.

That gets her giggling over and over, she thinks it's funny to imagine our two kitties in the bath tub. "That's so silly," she says while she rolls her eyes and usually falls over from laughing.
Another thing that I like about this Flip Along Fun is it's sturdy laminated board book cover and pages, not only will it stand up to years of little hands using it, but you can easily use it like a desk top easel activity. Perfect for teachers to use during center times with small groups. It would be a great tool to use with parent volunteers leading small groups to review and reinforce math concepts. Students could use a book to make their own addition story, have the parent read it to them, and then copy the problem down into their math journal. To challenge the students, you could also have them reverse the problem into a subtraction problem.

It's an engaging read for preschoolers and an excellent resource for parents and teachers alike. I can think of many great ways to use this book because besides the math concepts, it could also be used in conjunction with word family and rhyming lessons. There is also a great video on the website, showing how the book works, see for yourself what a fun resource Flip Along Fun is!

If you'd like to save $3 off a copy of this book and enter to win one, you can find the details at Katie's Nesting Spot.  Hurry giveaway open through February 2nd and the coupon code until Valentine's Day.

Disclaimer: Thank you to the author for the reviewers and giveaway copy of the book, this post related Katie's personal and unbiased opinion and experience with the book.  Yours may differ.

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  1. What a cute idea! I know my little girl loves to create her own versions of her stories. I bet she'd love this!