ABC and 123: A Learning Collaborative: Snow and Snowmen

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Snow and Snowmen

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This cute snowflake at Live, Learn, Love was made as an ornament but could also be used in conjunction with a snow themed book and hung up and enjoyed all winter long.  Depending on what type of buttons you have, you could practice simple patterning skills when laying down the buttons.  Kids can count out the buttons as the work and get some extra practice in while having fun crafting.

At Katie's Nesting Spot, a simple self correcting counting activity was recently shared.

You won't believe how much snow themed fun Jo at Somewhat Organized, Somewhat Crafty, Tot Teacher and Mommy recently had.  She may call herself  "somewhat organized" but we were impressed by how nicely she put each child's activities in their own little container.  Head over to see the fun they had with glitter playdoh, snowman soup, making snowflake frames, sorting with snowman beads, and making pom pom snowmen. 

Thank you to Jo for reminding us in her post about the great activities made Confessions of a Homeschooler, one of our past featured bloggers.  Erica has a bunch of great snowman themed printables for you!  We like the capital/lowercase Ss sorting pictured above, head over to her post to see the snowman cutting activities, patterning page, color match, snowman letter match, letter s scavenger hunt, snowman size sort, puzzle, and a whole lot more!

Erin at laughpaintcreate had her students create fun collaged snowmen, be sure you head over to see the fun variations the different kids made.

If it's too cold to play in the snow outside, do what Michelle at A Mommy's Adventures did, bring the snow indoors!  Besides the real snowman, she and her daughter also had a lot of fun playing with a felt version.

Plus they also did several snowman themed art projects, this one based on popular children's book Snowballs by Lois Ehlert is our favorite.  The colorful ice cube painting and salt paint snowmen also looked like a lot of fun and incorporated so many fun textures.

Erin did this Magic Snowflake activity with her students at the Oklahoma City Museum of Art.


  1. I have found lots of fun winter/snow ideas at the pre-kinders site:

    Also teach mama has a fun snowman game on her site:

  2. Thanks for featuring me! There are so many fun ideas, I know I will use many of them with my own 2 boys! :) Keep up the great work, I love coming here!


  3. Thank you for featuring my snow posts. I enjoyed seeing all of the other activities too!