ABC and 123: A Learning Collaborative: Staying Active Indoors in the Winter Months

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Staying Active Indoors in the Winter Months

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Create an indoor snow storm.  We (the List Maker family) have a set of foam snowflakes labeled with numbers.  We put them all in the center of a large white sheet before each picking up a corner.  Then we shake and bounce the sheet like a parachute until all of the snowflakes have fallen around the room.  It is then a scramble for the kids to collect their snowflakes and return them to the sheet for another round.  To earn 1 point per snowflake they have to identify the number on their flake.  This activity can be adapted easily.  Label your snowflakes with letters, math problems, shapes or colors to be identified.  As children get older you could also ask them to compute whatever number they got to +5, +10, x2, etc.

For another up and moving indoor learning game, you may like to try Stamp, Sticker, Movement.  Thanks to Inspiration Surrounds, Creativity Abounds for this submission.

Keep the movement going even when it's too cold, snowy, or rainy to be outdoors with Let's Twist!

Make your own big blocks by collecting empty cereal boxes and covering them with construction paper and a contact paper covering. Building will practice important large motor skills.  Add letters to the side to have your children build words.

Play Boogie-Woogie Alphabet and the other movement games found on

This simple game is wonderful exercise for the whole family and helps children learn their letters (requires 3 to 4 people):
~Put on your favorite age-appropriate music with a good beat for dancing.
~Explain that you are going to cooperate and make letters with your bodies on the floor.
~Take turns calling out letters and instructing the other players how to lie on the floor to form the letter.


  1. Thank you so much for posting my ideas. It made me smile to see them on your site.

    I noticed that the link for the Let's Twist post doesn't come up. If anyone is interested, the link is:

    I really like the Indoor Snow Storm idea and the fact that this fabulous idea can be adapted to suit a particular theme.

    I'm off to check out

    Thank you for constantly inspiring me through sharing so many creative ideas.

  2. What great ideas. I have foam floor puzzle with letters that JDaniel is loving right now.

  3. I love the tape on the floor! What a great idea for a way to teach gross motor skills! I bet the kids loved that!