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Friday, October 22, 2010

Feature Yourself Friday: Meet Jane

Good morning, folks! I’m Esmé’s mom, and we blog together at Mozi Esmé. Actually, I’ve been doing most of the work ever since the very big three-and-a-half-year-old started Esmé’s Very Own Blog. But she still remains the inspiration of the posts.

Our family lives in rural Oregon on the beautiful North Umpqua river. We’ve been doing school since birth, which is primarily a “Mommy and Me” time – an outlet to keep me focused, creative, and engaged in my daughter’s life. At 15 months, we started Alphabet School. We’ve moved on to literature-based themes, and this year we’ve added geography and some additional math and phonics challenges.

We started off this school year with a focus on the book Pinkalicious by Victoria Kann – and all things pink and princessy. I think it went over rather well! Here is the princess coordinating a pink taste test of grapefruit juice, raspberry lemonade, and fruit punch.

That was followed by a Mary Had a Little Lamb farm theme, which has a ridiculously enormous amount of possible activities. Meet one of many little lambs created by Miss Esmé.

Did I mention we love science? Three is the perfect age to be fascinated by the natural world. I use a “Motion, Matter, Mitosis, and Me” rotation to randomly explore different types of science concepts.

A huge recent hit was magnetic force. First we made paperclips dance by moving a magnet under a chair with the paperclips on top. Then we tested the magnetic properties of a number of little items. Very cool!

A few real encounters with snakes created a real fascination with the topic. We created these rattlers – which Esmé wants to recreate every time paper plates are available. Draw a snake head (including tongue) and rattle in the middle of the plate, then draw a spiral from the head to the edge the plate to create a coiled snake look. Staple another plate to the bottom, pouring in a big handful of beans before finishing the last couple of staples.

We love the ideas we find on ABC and 123! Thanks for this opportunity to meet with you all today. We’d love to have you come and visit us at Mozi Esmé.


  1. That little lamb is adorable!

    I love the rattlesnake rattlers, too =)

  2. What a great blog to feature. I am going over there right now.

    Happy Weekend!