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Thursday, October 28, 2010

How to Make Musical Instruments

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Ready for a little noise in your life?? Here's a melodious round up of make 'em yourself musical instruments.

The stringed Guitar or Harp from Homeschooling Mommies would be a lovely addition to your in house concert.

DSO Kids love string instruments. Do yours? They also share instructions on making coffee pot drums, clay pot chimes, and a xylophone.

This Bottle Rattle is from Craftbits.

Bagpipes are a unique instrument to try in your garage band. This idea is from Crayola.

Family Fun is familiar to many of you, but we had to draw your attention to their fun bottle cap tamborines.

Family Corner features 9 different make it yourself musical instrument crafts.

All Kids Network has aBlockquote Kazoo that will work for you.

If you love the sound of wind chims you will appreicate these cutlery wind chimes from Kinderart.

Make your own Balloon Drums by following the instructions on

Sippy Cup Central Mom has fashioned a tamborine out of paper bowls.

An empty wrapping paper roll becomes a rainstick at Flipflops and Applesauce.

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