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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Collective Creativity at Memetales - Let Us Make Picture Books Together!

Have you ever tried to create a book with your kids? No matter what their age, kids love to create books.
They love to write, draw pictures, finish up a book and then look at it - with immense pride.

My friends make me happy! - Savi, 4 years"

As parents and teachers, we all know that while the book or the end product itself is very important, that is not all of it.
The accomplishments of a child in creating a book is manifold. In under a minute I can list almost 10
1. It is an exercise in creative writing
2. It is an exercise in creative drawing
3. It builds storytelling skills
4. Helps them understanding structures - sentences, paragraphs, story flow etc
5. Creating something always gives kids a sense of confidence
Most of all creating a book is all about creating something to hold on to for the future. It is really something that encourages them and us to take on more creative challenges for the future.

At Memetales, we want to inspire kids to read books, as well as create them! SO we came up with a "Collective Creativity Challenge" that we think you will absolutely love - if you participate in it, that is :) It is going to be fun so I do not see how you cannot participate along with you little ones!

Stories with happy endings make me happy! -Elizabeth, 6 years

Collective Creativity Challenge

We have a theme. All you need to do is send in an illustration along with a sentence (or paragraph) that fits the theme and illustration. We will compile all of these entries into a book and publish them at ! It is really THAT simple :)

We are so so so excited about this. It is simply amazing all the things that kids come up with.

Roads make me happy as they go to the museum! - Meesha, 2.5 years

Our THEME? Giving Thanks.


STEP 1 - The story, paragraph or caption

Take a few minutes or hours. Sit down with your child and ask them who and what they are grateful for. Is there anyone they want to thank and why? Did someone do something special for them? Do they have a friend, relative or even a thing they feel lucky to have? Do they want to make a thank-you card for somebody?

Then complete one of these sentences -
I am grateful to _________________ because ________________________
Thank you _____________________ for ______________________________
I thank __________________________ because ________________________

STEP 2 -The Artwork, illustration or picture

Let your child create anything - a piece of art, coloring, a craft or a photograph of a project or a person with them. Anything really - as long as it involves the child in a fun creative way, it is game!

1. If you are interested in participating, fill this form below right away. The form is also here.
2. When ready, send an email to maya at memetales dot com . be sure to attach the following -
a. Your child's name, age and picture
b. The artwork picture or a photograph along with the tagline

Get working on it soon! 3 participants will recieve a printed copy of the book once it is published. We will be featuring the entries every Sunday on the Memetales Blog and featuring them as they come in on the Facebook fanpage. So be sure to subscribe to the blog and Like us on our fanpage!

The Deadline for entries is November 5th. We will publish the book for Thanksgiving, so that the parents and kids that participate can enjoy the book they created! If there are enough entries we will certainly publish 2 books, but be sure to get your entries in early, since we will pick the first 15 eligible entries for the book!


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