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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Number Games

If you saw my last guest post here, it was inspired by toy cars. I'm still kind of in that mood. :) I made this little game to help my kiddos with their number sense of numbers 11-30. They can play in groups of 3-4.

It's called CRASH!

Draw a card from the pile. Read what is on the card and tell your group. Write it on one of the cars if you are right. If you are wrong or don’t know, ask your group the correct answer and then put the card at the bottom of the pile. If you get a crash card, you lose a turn. Once you have all of the cars filled up, you are the winner!

For the teacher:
*Copy the cards on cardstock
*Print the numbers on labels {avery 5160}
*Stick labels onto each card

Print these cards multiple times

Print these on labels {5160} and stick on cards before laminating

Recording sheet

Here's a little can use these cards with any concept you want!  Sight words, numbers, addition, subtraction, etc. {just make your own labels to put on the cards or write them in}.

Click {here} for CRASH game and recording sheet!

Click {here} for number labels

If you'd like more "It all adds up" ideas, click {here}. You can also find me at my blog, What the Teacher Wants! Come see me! :)
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  1. Fun! I used to do this in my classroom with all of the kids sight words, but I love the math suggestion.