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Monday, September 19, 2011

Teaching with Ticia: phonemic awareness

One of the great ways to learn to read is through phonemic awareness.  Back when I was teaching I got to see several "master lessons" based on phonemic awareness.  One of their suggestions was taking rhymes and songs we all know and creating your own version.

I still remembered this lesson and started doing this with my kids.  Their favorite song to do this with is the old Raffi song "Down by the Bay."  They love to take turns making up the silliest rhymes they can come up with.

So, I've created a printable and this week we're going to be making our own version of "Down by the Bay," you know where my mother will say, "Have you ever seen a ghost making a boast?"
Down by the Bay Where the Watermelons Grow

Yes, it's very silly, and my kids love it.  I foresee this being a very popular book in our house.

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