ABC and 123: A Learning Collaborative: A Little People Halloween Makeover

Thursday, October 25, 2012

A Little People Halloween Makeover

We have had a few very rainy days recently here in West Michigan.  Since our little boys couldn't be outside we were looking for a different distraction.  We came up with a simple, seasonally themed, activity to encourage hours of creativity and imaginative play. 
To begin we set up some of our favorite Little People pieces into a village.  Then we collected all the "spooooooky" things we could find around the house.  With toys and materials collected the transformation of the town was up to the boys.  They worked together to makeover the town of Little People into a fall festival.  Piles of toliet paper became "ninja mummies." My three year old did lots of cutting practice as he turned orange twine into spider webs.  We planted cookie cutter pumpkins in a special patch. Battery powered candles made fun additions when we turned the lights off on the town and played by candle light.  
When our older children came home from school they were excited to add their own touches to the set up with egg carton bats and plastic rats.  They all went to bed tonight dreaming of how they could add on to the scene tomorrow.  Finding a new way to play with the toys I feared the kids might be outgrowing was quite a treat!


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