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Monday, October 22, 2012

Movement and Music: Fall and Pumpkins!

Hi, I'm Jedda from This Little Project.  I'm excited to share some ideas about how you can incorporate Movement and Music into learning to make it more meaningful and fun for the kids you interact with and teach.
Pass the Pumpkin is a game I made up for us to play when I want to review something.  If it's geography, each child says a country or state when the pumpkin gets passed to them.  If it's numbers or colors or presidents the idea is the same.  The kids stand in a circle or in two columns and pass the pumpkin back and forth to each other down the line, or around the circle.  
You could use a orange ball, but we use a clementine, orange, or tangerine with a face painted on so we have a yummy snack to celebrate with at the end of the game!
Below I've included some songs that make learning fun and full of movement for a variety of ages.

Where is pumpkin song: (Ideas for older kids below)

Where is Pumpkin? Song:  When I want to do a variation on this song (above) for kids a little older, I hide other things under the leaves that we are reviewing, such as shapes of states, pictures of composers, or numbers, etc.  When we lift up the number, if the pumpkin isn't there we say, "Oh it's not the pumpkin, it's a SEVEN!"  Or, "Oh it's not the pumpkin, it's Mozart!", etc.  

Kids can play this in pairs too and they love to be the one to hide the objects underneath!

Leaves Song:

Nursery Rhyme about leaves: I like that the second half of the song doesn't have singing.  It tests the memory of the words and melody for the students.

Pumpkin maracas!  These make singing and getting the sense of rhythm even more fun!  Just fill the inside with anything that makes sound (ours came from the rice and beans in our October sensory bin!) and glue closed.  You could also use an orange plastic egg and draw a face on!

For ideas about how to use Movement and Music to help kids discover their own skeletons, see my post from the archives last year:

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  1. So many great ideas! Thank you! (And love that October sensory bin!)

  2. This is such a great way to incorporate music and fall. Please consider adding it to the "Look! What We Did!" website. -Savannah