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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Math Games and Manipulatives from Our Readers

We are always happy to receive the neat submissions you send to us here at ABC & 123.  We typically wait to feature them until we have several that fit a specific theme or unit of study, but we do visit all of the links you send and look forward to spreading the word about your fun work! Here are a few neat math ideas we have been holding on to for awhile!
Makie Do headed outside to find materials for a hands on introduction to simple fractions.  
Roots and Wings Co.  has the most adorable bushel of apples manipulatives to use for patterning, counting, and more.  Do you think we could convince "Mom" to make more crochet apples for all of us? (smiles!)
A Mommy's Adventure reminds us that Roll N' Color pages are an entertaining way to practice many math concepts: counting, number recognition, one to one correspondence, fact memorization, and more.
chicken babies puts packing material to good use by making a snappy game out of learning simple computation.

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  1. I had a sweep of tweets and comments about the games that I had mentioned in the post.