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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Teaching with Ticia: 5 Little Pumpkins

My kids are crazy about Halloween.  They love to think up costumes, they plan out decorations for our house for months.  They love the imagination and creativity behind it.

So, I always try to do lots of activities during Halloween, and one of my favorites when I was teach was "5 Little Pumpkins."  It's a fun cute poem that you can do many different activities with.

Art Project

Supplies needed: printable, orange paint or ink pad, markers

It's simple and fun.  On each page create a fingerprint pumpkin using paint or an ink pad and decorate for the words.  My kids enjoyed doing this and took the time to really decorate it all.


This is one of many similar poems that are set up perfectly for some nice easy beginner subtraction.  Stuart J. Murphy has a book called "Monster Musical Chairs," that teaches the same principal.  After your art project is all done, go through and write the math problems for each page.  5-1=4, etc......


Go through each page and look for your sight words for the year. Circle them with crayon. If you have a multi-age class have them look for parts of speech, what adjectives are there?


 Learn about pumpkins, how do they grow?  What is their life cycle?  Do they float?  Currclick has a great science unit that we used last year and the kids loved.  

Social Studies

Compare the Big Pumpkin to The Enormous Turnip.  How are they similar, how are they different.  Follow on Language activities, find synonyms for the word "big," and put them in order by size (big, giant, enormous, gigantic, etc).  You'll notice not everyone puts them in the same order.  Is there a right order for the words?


  1. We did 5 little pumpkins this week, too. such a fun poem. i also saw it outside my 5 yr old's kindergarten class this morning as they bulletin board.

  2. That's be a CUTE bulletin board!