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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Silver & Gold

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The official Hershey site has a collection of craft ideas made from silver and gold wrapped Kisses.

Hang a disco ball and dance the evening away, with your children, under the silver sparkles.

Tin Foil Sculptures

My (List Maker Katie) oldest 2 children had fun creating tin foil characters using the instructions we saw in Family Fun.

Practice sorting and counting nickels, dimes, and quarters.

Elise has put together, and shared, a Christmas themed counting and patterning lesson with a dash of sparkle!

Make a holiday wreath , like this Modern Mom's, out of silver bells or golden balls.

Don't Eat the Paste is on to something shimmery with these glittered recycled ornaments.

Put together a Gold Cone Angel with instructions from Craftbits.

Stamp and emboss some holiday greeting cards using silver and gold. Just Deanna has put together a card holder with a silver star to get your wheels turning.

Put together Little Elephant's shiny gold and silver advent cone line or use a similar idea to practice counting.

Molly's Sketchbook has explained a dreidel game that uses shiny gold coins.

Put together a golden pasta wreath with inspiration from Our Worldwise Classroom.

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  1. I'm so excited my wreath is on the list with so many other wonderful ideas. I love all your links. Thanks!