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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

We Like to Move It! Move It!

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Thanks for stopping by to check out Wednesday's Workout, a collection of physical activities to get your kids up and moving and learning as they go!

Quirky Momma has put together a post featuring tips for parents to get their preschoolers exercising. Her exercise dice makes stomping, crawling, hopping, twirling, and clapping even more entertaining.

Turn your ordinary painting time into an Action Painting Adventure thanks to this fun suggestion from Teaching Two.

Live, Learn, Love submitted a suggestion for Jump Counting with you Preschooler.

Inspiration Surrounds....Creativity Abounds recently made up a game that could be played with her three year old and fifteen month old. It wasn’t designed as a physical activity as such, but having played it, it actually constitutes a creative game that involves quite a bit of physical activity.


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