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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Teaching Generosity

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When I (List Maker Katie) think of the word generosity I think of giving abundantly to others out of the great abundance we've been given.  Although I am sure we would all say we hope to encourage generosity in all seasons, December is an obvious time to find opportunities to generously bless others with our time, conversation, attention, hospitality, and gifts.

To be generous is defined as giving or sharing without hesitation.  I love that!  There are many synonyms for generousity, to name a few: bounteous, bountiful, charitable, liberal, openhanded, unselfish, unsparing, hospitable, humanitarian, and benevolent.  Now those are some characteristics I hope to develop in my family!  Below is a collection of several resources that may be helpful.

The Suburban Journals suggests practical ways to turn holiday gift giving into lessons about generosity.

This books in this list all have lessons about generosity.

Robyn gives a fantastic list of 22 ways to teach generosity to children in her post.

Check out the printables from happyhome club for some generosity inspired family fun and conversation starters.

Wonder How To?  Check out Factoidz for an article on teaching generosity to your child.

Read more about teaching children generosity at Motherhood Inc.
Check out the list of Top 10 Christmas Service Projects, sure to open the discussion about being generous.

Families with Purpose has also put together a helpful list of suggestions for giving of our time and resources to others.

Work with your children to clean out their toy boxes and clothes closets to find items to donate to families in need.  Generosity starts at home.

Be sure to check in next Friday on our Holiday Blog Hop devoted to Homemade Gift Giving.  What better way to teach generosity than to get your children involved in creating gifts for others.

Please feel free to leave links in the comment sections to posts that show your families demonstrations of generosity this holiday season and all year through!


  1. Great job putting these together Katie, thanks! I am slowing feeling a little better.

  2. Awesome post, Katie, and a thorough and timely one at that!

    We try to teach generosity with the way we handle money in our home--our spend, save, and give jars.

    Our kiddos just emptied their 'give' jars and delivered the money to the salvation army volunteer this week.

    Happy holidays, and thank you for the incredible ideas, friends!

  3. Nice post - I linked to it in our toddler-made gifts post: