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Friday, December 17, 2010

Feature Yourself Friday: Meet Valorie

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I am a mom of three kids: a six-year old boy and twin girls who are 4 years old. One of my daughters, Brooke, is hearing impaired. I began Lend an Ear after her diagnosis of progressive sensorineural hearing loss when I began focusing on teaching her to learn to listen. I searched and searched for a website to offer me support, ideas, and encouragement. I found very little. So, I decided to start my own blog. It is my hearts desire that my blog will be used by parents of hearing impaired children as a source of encouragement and tools for teaching. I have no degree, no training, no experience - I am just a mom that loves my baby girl and wants to provide her with every advantage possible. Lend an Ear chronicles our journey as I teach my children to listen, speak, obey, and love the LORD. Please share my site with friends and families you may know who have a child with a hearing disability - and check it out yourself and see what fun "learning to listen in the everyday" is for our entire family
Nursery Rhymes We have lots of fun with nursery rhymes at our house. Nursery rhymes help children to develop phonemic awareness which is critical in learning to read. A hearing impaired child benefits from the rhyming, vocabulary, and oral language. Our Humpty Dumpty lessons were very memorable.

Encouraging Conversations The more opportunities a child with hearing loss has to listen and participate in conversation, the more quickly she will learn language. We do many lessons to get Brooke talking and learning and they are so, so, so easy to plan. Our letter B and buttons really encouraged conversation.
Books Having fun reading books is so important for every child's development of language and vocabulary. A child with hearing impairment may need some repetitive readings of the book. So we try to read a book more than once and extend it with some recipes and or crafts. When we read Eric Carle's Little Cloud, we made cookie clouds and painted clouds.

Itsy-Bitsy Miniatures I originally saw this idea at Counting Coconuts and have adapted it to our family. And, wow, my kids love to play with itsy-bitsy miniatures. There are so many ways to use these toys to develop memory, language, story-telling, and auditory skills.

Sounds Brooke often struggles with hearing sounds and producing sounds. Often, we focus on specific sounds. Here is a lesson on the /f/ sound that can easily be adapted for any other sound we are focusing on developing.
I have enjoyed sharing a little piece of my blog with you today. Check it out at Lend an Ear anytime - I would love to have you!

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