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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Learn. Create. Imagine

Books typically written for children under the age of 5 that deal with numbers and counting, shapes,sizes, colors, and the alphabet are commonly refered to as concept books. Concept books engage young children by introducing them to abstract ideas in an enjoyable way.

Typically, learning to identify and name colors is a simple concept that children as young as 15 months are able grasp. That being said, this book intended to teach the names of basic colors is very appropriate for toddlers.

{Colors, by Lazoo}

Children enjoy imitating animal sounds. This board book give the opportunity to do just that, but also offers an element of surprise. It is a valuable resource for reinforcing sounds children have hopefully experienced first hand.

My two year old is currently in speech therapy to exercise his motor movements and one of the key recommendations is to read him concept books that require him to imitate animal sounds. Making individual animal sounds is useful for practicing many different consonant sounds and tongue movements.

{Hidden Animals, by Lazoo}

This specific title reinforces animal sounds while instilling a sense of wonder. As children reaad they are able to make predictions and to be surprised by which colorful animal is hiding behind each cut out.

The two dads behind Lazoo books have further developed their product line to incorporate products that foster a child’s creative process.

{Squiggles, by Lazoo}

Squiggles is a drawing book that encourages preschoolers to practice the art concept of lines in several imaginative scenes. Each scene also contains simple, and sometimes silly, text.

In addition, Lazoo offers a line of whimsical clothing designs for children ages 6 months to 4 years old.

{Reindeer, by Lazzo}

The shirt on my expressive 2 year old, is just up his alley. The adorable design is creative and encourages imagination. This particular reindeer reminds me of the book Imogene's Antlers. The colors of the fabrics are vibrant and I love the dimensions with elements sewn on top of the print.

To see more, check out Lazoo's Holiday Look Book or visit Babies R Us. As of November 15th Lazoo Plush Toys, Books, and Clothes are available in the US. In fact, right now all Lazoo clothes are 40% off at Babies R Us. If you are shopping at Lazoo online you will receive 40% off all book orders using the discount code "lazoobooks10"

Add some imagination to your holiday celebration!

Disclaimer: Lazoo was kind enough to send a sampling of their product line for our review. This gift did not buy my opinions, as written above, it only served as a great way to introduce me to all they have to offer.


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