ABC and 123: A Learning Collaborative: April Showers: Clouds and Rain

Thursday, April 19, 2012

April Showers: Clouds and Rain

We've all heard the saying... 
So, let's use this spring board for some rainy lessons.

First Grade Parade shared a wealth of weather related lesson suggestions to make teaching about clouds interesting for young students.
Using the instructions from Apples and Papers your students can create a rainy day person
Family Education explains the steps to creating rain in a bag.
Tobey Fields shared a thorough lesson plan about weather, focusing on rain and wind.  The plans include several books appropriate for teaching about rain.
Teach your children to water their own miniature gardens with a rain cloud like the one on A Little Learning for Two

At Another Day in Pre K the students watched as their teacher created a cloud in a bottle and released it into their classroom.
Somewhat Simple demonstrated the steps for creating a rain stick.

Better Kid's Care has a collection of rainy day finger plays to try with your preschoolers.

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