ABC and 123: A Learning Collaborative: Bilingual Wednesdays- Colors in Spring

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Bilingual Wednesdays- Colors in Spring

Spring is here and we can take advantage of this teachable moment to introduce or review some color words  in Spanish. I made a domino to review colors with my niece and a set of Spanish colors posters for you!

Tell children they will learn the Spanish form of these words:
Red / rojo
Blue / azul
Yellow / amarillo
Orange / naranja
Green / verde
Purple/ violeta
Light blue/ celeste
Pink/ rosa

To prepare the posters you need to print them onto cardboard and laminate for durability. Then..
*Go for a color hunt around home or class.
*Let kids cut and paste pictures from old magazines and make a collage. Ask them about the colors they can see in their pictures. 
*Play "I spy" using the posters.
*Invite children to sort manipulatives according to color.
*Make a mural using their favorite color.
* Ask and answer "How many red/ rojas things can you see?"
* Using commands.."point to a yellow/amarillo flower" "pick up a green/verde crayon"

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